Curated Collaborations of Coveted Global Brands

Premier Hotels & Luxury Resorts

Homes away from home. We have selectively partnered with exquisite boutique hotels in frequented markets around the world to create truly personalized experiences only available to Flexjet aircraft Owners. Each selected property shares a deep passion for historic preservation, precise design, and astonishing elegance that elevates your stay above the ordinary.


Dedicated to the labor and love that is fine wine, Flexjet has partnered with a premier group of international and domestic vintners to create curated experiences only available to Flexjet aircraft Owners. In a shared passion for excellence, our wine partners offer you the chance to experience old favorites as well as ultra-rare vintages from Napa and around the world.


Flexjet has intently partnered with a select group of elite operators to yet again elevate your travel experiences – even outside the cabin of your aircraft. Whether you desire to rent a luxury car or hire your own driver, our travel partners can assist from the time you call to the satisfactory completion of your trip. Each of these valued travel partners have been carefully approved to ensure that the services you receive are executed to the highest levels.


A shared love for innovation and fanatical attention to detail has united us with this select group of partners to offer you special access to premium products an unique experiences. From fine cuisine to wellness, exclusive adventures and limited engagements, these brands have a proven affinity for delivering memorable moments in luxury.


Flexjet is proud to partner with distinguished fashion brands with a passion for a tailored or handcrafted approach. Personalization, quality and authenticity exclusively for Flexjet aircraft Owners.


Our innovative collaborations with leading health and wellness brands can provide Flexjet aircraft Owners with detailed insights into the status of their health through methods that are typically deferred by traditional providers. Our relationships with award-winning health systems help you receive all the pre-travel medical briefings or post-travel clinical support you need.


Enjoy your own palace on the sea as you witness the natural wonders and remote island escapes of the Caribbean or perhaps the Mediterranean. Representing both a serene excursion as well as an unparalleled way to explore our float-minded partners – these yachting outfits are capable of chartering journeys to dream destinations like uninhabited islands, complete with personal service and five-star dining.


Distinct and rewarding experiences are what define Flexjet ownership. Likewise, we thoughtfully collaborate with like-minded global brands, to bring you exclusive access, additional benefits and more. Every brand with which we partner was hand-selected, presenting you with infinite opportunities to discover and explore some of the world’s most iconic places, products and events.