All Flexjet events are equal parts style and sophistication further exemplifying why a diversity of curated experiences remains such a core part of our philanthropic private travel community. These curated and one-of-a-kind events take place in world-class destinations and are a key feature of the Flexjet lifestyle.


Our partnerships represent coveted collaborations with like-minded global companies that fit the Flexjet lifestyle and luxury ethos. These alignments update every season and showcase brands that offer world-class products, services and even top-tier resort accommodations.


Own a piece of your pursuit for exceptional private travel. Enjoy a bespoke storefront for limited-edition fashions, innovative luxury partnerships and even custom designer collections that share in our passion for the impeccable. Exclusively available for your purchase.


We have leveraged our global travel network to present extraordinary getaways, granting our aircraft Owners access to the world’s most cherished locations. These curated bespoke private excursions begin in the cabin of your Flexjet aircraft and will take your adventures to new heights.

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