Yacht Charterers’ Favorite Destinations and How to Get There by Private Jet

November 2, 2022

Whether you are planning your next yacht excursions or maybe looking to take your first steps in the world of yacht charters, the open ocean and quaint coastal destinations can provide a truly inspiring perspective on world travel, as it used to be.

Below are some unmissable location recommendations for yachting excursions – and how to get there via private jet – provided by the yacht charterers of Worth Avenue who know these waters best.


Worth Avenue Yachts Charter Broker, Lori Eastes says, “The protected area off the Gulf of California is a natural aquarium on the World Heritage List that is a sampling of all the hardest to reach destinations in one property.” According to the UNESCO World Heritage Convention, almost all major oceanographic processes occurring in the planet’s oceans are present in the property, giving it extraordinary importance for study.

The Sea of Cortez is by far one of the most underrated yachting destinations on the planet. The tropical weather is complemented by unspoiled landscapes of upward growing minerals outlined with the clearest ocean waters. The Sea of Cortez is a natural wonderland featuring world-class fishing, diving and snorkeling while taking the breathtaking surroundings of tranquil desert islands, secluded coves, red volcanic cliffs, enormous sea caves, white sand beaches and pristine sapphire water. Combine the allure of the Galapagos with a quick and easy flight to a place that is nearly an extension of California, and you will be here, at the Sea of Cortez.

When arranging private jet travel to the Sea of Cortez, it is recommended to fly into Los Cabos International Airport (SJD/MMSD) that is conveniently located in San Jose del Cabo and accomodates international and private charter flights.


Ranking in the World’s Top 20 countries to travel destinations, Greece has amazing and diverse places to see and things to do. Cruise past the stunning archipelagos revealing rolling mountains as you skim the cerulean blue waters that brush up against the golden sand beaches. Get lost looking at the picturesque architecture as you savor epicurean delights.

Worth Avenue Yachts Charter Broker, Graham Sullivan recommends visiting the Ionian Islands. The Ionian Islands offer a very different environment, with lush green landscapes, mountainsides covered in orchids, pink bougainvillea, cypress trees, olive groves, and serene aquamarine waters. With its rugged shoreline and gorgeous beaches, combined with favorable winds and protected anchorages, cruising the Ionian is a dream destination.

When visiting the isles, most private or charter aircraft will fly into Corfu International Airport, “Ioannis Kapodistrias” (IATA: CFU, ICAO: LGKR). This airport provides access to the Greek island of Corfu at Kerkyra, serving both scheduled and charter flights from most European cities.


A trip to the Italian Riviera by yacht is an experience only for the most affluent. Brie Talbert, charter specialist at Worth Avenue Yachts favorite charter destination is Portofino.

Portofino is famous for its unique beauty that combines the quintessence of Mediterranean nature with one of the most picturesque landscapes of the Italian coast.

Portofino is a small fishing village on the Italian Riviera coastline. It is known for its picturesque harbor and beautiful colorfully painted houses that line the rocky shore. This incredible town is in a half-moon shape surrounding a beautiful calm harbor that is filled with yachts in the summer.

For ultimate convenience when arranging private jet travel, there are three (3) airports located within 50 miles of the Italian Riviera resort town of Portofino. Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport (GOA), is by far the closest and is located approximately 20 miles away. Voghera Airport (LILH) and Piacenza Airport (QOZ) are also both located about 50 miles north of Portofino.


A short flight into Nassau from any US destination makes an easy start to any yacht charter heading to the Exumas. Worth Avenue Yachts Charter Broker, Oliver Cross recommends a visit to Staniel Cay, Nipper’s Beach Bar on Great Guana Cay and feeding the ocean-loving pigs Big Major’s.

Best known for the captivating turquoise waters that surround them, the Exuma Islands offer endless quiet anchorages, sweeping sandbars and white sand beaches that seemingly transport you to another world. Here you’ll enjoy nature in its simplest form. With flawless coastlines, pristine reefs, and exclusive island surroundings, it’s a dream destination for those seeking the ultimate escape, from boaters and fishermen, to divers, snorkelers, and kayakers. Local attractions of the Exuma Cays won’t disappoint.

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