January 15, 2021

A private jet charter is the closest private jet option to buying a ticket on a commercial jet. There is no upfront financial investment as you would have if you purchased a whole aircraft or even a fraction of an aircraft. You are not responsible for aircraft maintenance, management, pilot training costs. Booking a trip is typically as easy as that of a commercial flight – just go through an app or website and request your aircraft.


However, there are some things a consumer should consider.


Chartered jets are used heavily and could need maintenance more often which can create gaps in service that erode some of the benefits of private aviation in the first place. Due to the higher volume of use and turnover amongst charter-specific fleets, safety and service could be inconsistent from trip to trip. Additionally, rates will vary widely from provider to provider – even among similar aircraft and similar travel windows, so the ability to secure the best value becomes more challenging. Finally there isn’t a uniform standard when it comes to quality and offerings, meaning that you can find yourself paying the same rate to two providers while receiving two very different experiences both in service and in the aircraft itself. Because of these limitations, chartering a private jet is best suited for those whose travel needs are infrequent and flexible.


There are also benefits to charter. Some charter operators have just the right aircraft size for the airport where the passenger wants to go or they have access to time slots to land at busy small airports that other providers cannot secure.


Does Flexjet Offer Private Jet Charters?

At Flexjet, we are what is called a “closed fleet”, so it is not available to the open charter market. You must have a fractional, lease or jet card commitment with us to access our fleet.


However, private jet travelers can access second generation Flexjet aircraft – which are no longer sold fractionally by Flexjet – through its sister company FXAIR.


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