Travel Tips to Live by from Flexjet Cabin Servers

September 15, 2022

Any mode of travel, whether it be commercial or private, can have an eroding effect on even the most seasoned jetsetters. Traversing borders, time zones and cultures can sometimes be tiring and unpredictable, so being prepared based on your specific needs can be extremely beneficial down the line. Learning how to stay refreshed, healthy, and organized while traveling is key to any high-mileage ambitions.

Beyond basic travel packing tips, it can be invaluable to know how to get the most out of your stay, from getting plenty of rest to keeping up with a work-out routine. Aviation professionals who spend their careers at 40,000 feet, navigating airports and experiencing all levels of accommodations have usually perfected a few simple methods and processes that help them stay at the top of their game.

Below, we have asked some of the most seasoned private travel experts we know, Flexjet Cabin Servers, to share their favorite travel hacks that make any destination a little more like home.



“In-flight, I like to spritz my skin periodically with evian Natural Mineral Water Spray to combat the dry air. We also carry these onboard our aircraft, and they have so many uses. I carry a Gua Sha stone in my bag and put it in the mini fridge when I get to the hotel, to make it cold. They are great for de-puffing your skin before early morning flights and the coolness of the stone feels so refreshing. They’re small, travel well, and are inexpensive, so if I accidentally leave it behind, it’s not a big deal to replace.”
Kristen Mansfield, Cabin Server, Gulfstream G650

“Hotel shampoos often make my hair feel like straw, I found Viori Longsheng Rice Shampoo and Conditioner. Since they are bars, there’s no need to worry about the dreaded leaking in your bag. They smell amazing and your hair will look wonderful. Viori also supports the Red Yao Tribe community, in China, where the rice for the bars is grown.”
Nicholle Sedlon, Cabin Server, Gulfstream G450

“I purchase all of my items in bright colors (my speaker is bright orange), so as to not accidentally leave them in hotels.”
Danielle Frazier, Cabin Server, Global Express

“First and most importantly is sunscreen since we travel at high altitudes and are closer to the sun. I like 2-in-1 products because they save room in my toiletries bag. I put on an oil-free SPF 35 moisturizer every morning. Before I do my makeup, I use a 2-in-1 primer with SPF 30. Primer helps my makeup last throughout the day without transferring, especially with mask-wearing. I also make sure to put sunscreen on my neck and hands every morning, since those areas are also exposed to UV rays throughout the day.”
Kristen Mansfield, Cabin Server, Gulfstream G650


“The more comfortable you are while sleeping, the better. I pack a small blanket and two standard silk pillowcases. I recommend a small travel fan, that you can charge, to keep you cool at night in hot and humid destinations. I also bring compression socks, an eye mask, and earplugs. A small speaker is great for listening to entertainment and white noise for sleep.”
Danielle Frazier, Cabin Server, Global Express

“For comfort in knowing the sheets I sleep in are clean, I take a silk sleeping bag with me along with a travel humidifier, which uses a water bottle, for adding moisture into the air while I sleep.”
Jennifer McCracken, Cabin Server, Gulfstream G450


“I love learning new areas by running, so I like to pack running shoes and exercise bands. And, if it’s raining, I use an exercise app, such as Beachbody On Demand or Down Dog.”
Jennifer McCracken, Cabin Server, Gulfstream G450

“Workout bands are so great! When you want to keep your workout commitments, but the gym isn’t open or you just are ready for some quiet time, the bands are versatile, and many routines can be found online. We spend so much of our day standing it’s great to get blood flowing and muscle groups flexing!”
Susan Webster, Cabin Server, Gulfstream G450

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