JANUARY 3, 2023

When making the most of the winter months, it helps to travel to the places that specialize in sunshine, good wine, and plenty of time to imbibe. That may partly be the reason the Naples Winter Wine Festival is the most successful charity wine auction in the world.

Thanks to a passion for things like fine wine and charity causes that change lives, this benefit showcases auctions, raffles, and curated food and wine pairings provided by leading vintners and chefs. This spectacle of drink and good-hearted revelry draws hundreds of wine and food enthusiasts annually from throughout the world. In fact, attendees have generated a total of $244 million for 50 organizations serving 300,000 children since the auction’s launch in 2001.

Flexjet was once again honored to be official raffle sponsor and partner of the prestigious annual festival, which was held February 3-5, 2023. Discover all the highlights and the record-breaking kindness that made this year such a success.

2023 Naples Winter Wine Festival


Sure, this event would represent a good time for most wine aficionados – but it’s all done in the name of the causes the matter most. This charity avenue was curated for the direct benefit of the Naples Children & Education Foundation (NCEF), – an organization that distributes financial assistance to organizations that provide child advocacy, early learning, education programs and healthcare to children in need in Collier County, Florida.

This past December, the foundation committed $1 million to its nonprofit partners that were hardest hit by Hurricane Ian, which devastated Florida in late September, 2022. Its devastation has ranked it the third costliest hurricane in our nation’s history – with only Hurricane Katrina (2005) and Hurricane Harvey (2017) causing more damage to crucial community infrastructure and services.

Every dollar raised under the auction tent funds the festival’s founding organization, the NCEF, whose annual grants and strategic initiatives transform the lives of underprivileged and at-risk children.

2023 Naples Winter Wine Festival


This event attracts more than 500 wine enthusiasts, collectors, and philanthropists from around the globe to celebrate world-class food and wine with over 20 vintners and 17 celebrity chefs for one unforgettable weekend. This year’s festive activations included specialty wine glass blowing from Conrad Williams Glass and even a custom wine fountain display featuring a 2018 Isthmus Cabernet Sauvignon Blend from Hamel Family Wines.

Since this year’s Naples Winter Wine Festival follows so closely on the damage caused by Hurricane Ian, Flexjet prioritized designing a festival that provides the community with the support it needs for full recovery. To only deepen the impact this prestigious annual celebration has on the community, Flexjet again generously doubled its donation in the raffle.

2023 Naples Winter Wine Festival
2023 Naples Winter Wine Festival
2023 Naples Winter Wine Festival

All-told, this year’s festival was able to raise yet another record-breaking sum to support this great cause – $25.5 million.

The total donation from Flexjet included 15 hours of flight time aboard a Challenger 300 super-midsize private jet in addition to eight hours of flight time on a Challenger 300 as part of a six-day, five-night escape to a luxurious villa on the Caribbean Island of St. Barths that was featured in the live auction portion. This auction lot sold for $650,000 – the fifth highest of all the 50 offered lots featured at this event.

The first donation of 15 hours of flight time aboard a Flexjet Challenger 300 was featured as part of a raffle drawn at noon on February 5, the festival’s final day. The Challenger 300 has an eight-passenger capacity, luxury amenities and a 3,100 nautical mile range, allowing it to cross-country.

The auction lot that includes eight hours of flight time aboard a Challenger 300 offers a roundtrip flight from Naples to St. Maarten and then to St. Barths for four couples and a six-day, five-night stay at Cuvée’s Vue de Rêves villa. This getaway is situated on one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful island and also includes services from a personal experience coordinator, plus meals prepared by Cuvée’s private chef, Christophe Moreau.

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