MARCH 21, 2023

A tech visionary once said, “our most precious resource is our minutes.” Articulating a shared, collective fear of running out of time. Protecting and prioritizing this resource can be difficult – especially when embarking on a full travel agenda.

The time savings afforded by true door-to-door private air travel is a reality that Flexjet can now easily manifest via our innovative fleet of luxury Sikorsky S-76 helicopters and available supplemental private car services.

Furthermore, the use of ‘remote landing zones’ for enhanced private travel is a crucial aspect of making the door-to-door helicopter trips possible. Coordinating this resource can seem involved, but our aviation experts can easily make it happen with enough notice, information, and proper planning.

Learn how to employ these seamless and distinct travel advantages to your benefit.


Our luxury helicopter service provides last-mile transport for Owners of Flexjet aircraft traveling from airports to their final destinations, enabling them to avoid lengthy local traffic delays. It can also provide easy, comfortable access to additional regional locations, such as entertainment and sports venues, casinos, golf courses, spas, and other destinations.

A true regional transit breakthrough, Flexjet’s Sikorsky S-76 offers an unparalleled four-decade record of reliability, luxury, and superior performance. With the ability to carry up to eight passengers plus two S76-certified, IFR-qualified pilots – it’s a ride alternative that prioritizes safety while being supremely efficient with its movement. It also has a maximum range of 300 nautical miles, or about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Within those parameters – there’s plenty you can accomplish.

Sikorsky S-76


When you are looking to supplement your travel with our helicopter service, there are some basic things to keep in mind, initially.

  • Are you in the New York City, South Florida, or London regions?
  • What is your location? Estate, golf club, wedding venue, yacht harbor, etc…
  • What time of day will you require service?
  • Are you located near an FAA-certified helipad or airport/ airfield?

Remember that areas can feature different fees, taxes, and regulations on this travel. If your location does not meet remote landing zone standards, you will be asked to shift your departure or arrival points to the nearest professional facility.

Also, be aware that safety and proper planning are the only two priorities when considering this premium travel service. No agenda, obligation, or need will supersede our years of aviation expertise and unwavering adherence to all FAA regulations.

Sikorsky S-76

Helicopters can only operate from sunrise to sunset – unless there are surrounding lights like at a large parking structure, commercial helipad, or even the 50-yard line of a football field. If no lights are present, helicopter pilots must leave and reposition at the nearest airfield once daylight recedes.

Operationally, our Sikorsky S-76 helicopters are ultra-agile, quiet aircraft; however, not all townships or locations allow flight activity or landings. Permission to land a helicopter must be obtained from BOTH the property owner AND the town clerk or standing municipality. This is a vital and non-negotiable aspect of helicopter travel.

Noise ordinances, IFR conditions, and ‘No-Fly’ zones can impact the ability to deploy helicopter travel in your selected area. However, many locations are perfectly hospitable.


Once you are firm on some of these general details, our aviation experts can assess the location and situational logistics and begin to plan your trip. When requesting a particular area for a remote landing zone, a few additional criteria must be met.

  • At your requested site(s), is there a clear / flat 50 x 50 area to land? No hills, etc…
  • Is there a clear 800ft. launch ceiling? Clear of branches, overhead lines, etc…
  • Do you have affirmed permission to land a helicopter?
  • What are the current or expected weather conditions? We implement strict go / no-go standards for inclement / IFR conditions.
  • If the landing site is grass or leveled terrain, is it water-logged or muddy? Helicopters can only land or take off safely if your designated site is clear.
Sikorsky S-76

We may also ask that you send us photos and videos of the requested site for us to review. Once we receive these crucial details from you or your team, we can then begin to clear our mission with the requisite channels. We approve the mission timeframe, complete a detailed brief on your specific trip and its requirements – then run its parameters through our Baldwin Safety Systems software before finally being personally approved by our Safety Director.


If additional car service is required to complete your helicopter experience, our team will work to coordinate your ride. Or if for example, your ride from an urban heliport to your destination is late – our pilots and aircraft will remain until you are safely on your way.

If you are ready to explore the best efficiencies that luxury private travel has to offer, Flexjet’s private aviation experts can provide you with everything you need to make a truly informed decision. To discover more about our Red Label and innovative helicopter programs, contact our team via our website or call us at 866-309-2214.