The 6 Rules of Private Helicopter Etiquette

August 17, 2022

As the first private and fractional jet provider to offer luxury private helicopters, Flexjet is proud to introduce seamless regional private helicopter services — currently extending from the New York City area, South Florida, and coming soon to other global markets.

Aboard the class-leading Sikorsky S-76 private helicopter, Flexjet fractional and lease owners experience exceptional “door-to-door” air travel service, soaring above traffic and crowded city streets in a quiet cabin accompanied by amenities designed for incredible comfort and ultimate convenience.

Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, the private helicopter experience is casual and relaxed, featuring the same attention to detail and dedication to service found on any Flexjet aircraft. However, private helicopter passengers should keep some rules of etiquette in mind that will help contribute to a safe, swift, and enjoyable flight.


1. Know When You are Leaving and Your Destination

Private helicopters allow direct “door-to-door” travel without the necessity for airports. When booking a flight or transfer, consult your scheduling representative. They will be able to recommend takeoff and landing locations that are as close as possible to your final destination.

Convenient departure points and landing locations close to your destination may be available for maximum convenience. Custom landing points may also be available where permitted after a successful survey of the site requested.

2. Weather Delays and Safety Cancellations

Weather conditions are critical to scheduling safe private helicopter flights. Limited visibility and freezing temperatures can significantly impact a helicopter’s ability to fly safely.

Travel itineraries may be affected by dangerous conditions. In case of any cancellation or delay, a flight representative will notify you. Alternate arrangements or other services may be available.

3. Board and Disembark Safely

Before boarding any private helicopter, paying attention to safety warnings and pre-flight briefings provided by your crew is essential.

Never approach a helicopter from the front or the tail. Likewise, do not approach from uphill, as before takeoff and after landing, engines will be turning top and rear rotors. Care should be taken to prevent injury, damage to property, or other incidents.

Passengers should only enter or leave a private helicopter from its side after the captain has given his go-ahead. Clearance between rotors and the ground should allow passengers to board and disembark comfortably. Assistance is available as needed upon loading and unloading.

4. Travel Light

The Flexjet LXi Cabin Collection™ Interiors of our Sikorsky S-76 private helicopters are handcrafted for exceptional comfort to accommodate up to six passengers; however, cabin space is limited within the aircraft.

Your travel representative will ask you to provide a list of passengers, including approximate weights and expected luggage, to ensure aircraft balance, compliance with safety regulations, and room for everyone on your flight.

5. Be Mindful of Other Passengers

Allow your host to board the aircraft first. They may have a favorite seat, and allowing more experienced flyers to enter first gives new passengers a chance to get acquainted with the aircraft and cabin interior.

Should you be traveling with small children, pets, or other passengers sensitive to noise outside the quiet cabin interior, “cold” takeoffs and landings are available by request. This will allow passengers to board or disembark without private helicopter engines active.

6. Keep Track of Your Luggage

While flight crews take exceptional care to ensure all luggage securely arrives at your destination, oversized, unsecured baggage is not permitted in private helicopter cabins. Overhead storage and other in-cabin storage are also not available to passengers. Limit the size of carry-on bags to respect the space of others onboard.

The cargo holds of the Sikorsky S-76 private helicopter have a capacity of 38 cubic feet — approximately enough space to carry four standard-sized golf bags. If needed, alternate arrangements can be made to ensure secure luggage transfers.

Learn more about the Sikorsky S-76 or how Flexjet can create a tailored private helicopter program for you; please contact one of our sales experts via our website or call us at (866) 473-0025.