Runway Guide: Migrating to Private Jet Travel

October 29, 2022

If you are considering private jet travel, there is something you have probably already noticed: commercial travel can be a general inconvenience that still comes with a price tag. Throw in present airline uncertainty, staffing shortages, lost luggage, and general unreliability and it can be challenging to see what makes flying commercial worth it.

For those who have traveled privately, it is unquestionably their ideal way to see the world. Freedom to fly with spontaneity, conduct location-sensitive business, or split time between a few favorite destinations seem to be the prevailing reasons that so many are exploring private jet providers and their programs. Even more are looking into private jet travel for the very first time. Demand for this premium service has never been higher.

Convenience, guaranteed access, flexibility, privacy, and personalized service are all enticing benefits of most private jet programs – and cannot be matched by commercial aviation competitors. As the gulf between the travel experiences of private and commercial air travel continues to widen, it might raise the question; are there any ways to experience private jet travel without an ownership-level commitment?

Below, Flexjet has identified private jet lease as the program best suited for those seeking to experience and commit to private jet travel for the first time.

Jet Lease Programs

Although many companies and individuals alike have endured the tediousness and unreliability of commercial travel and have the resources to travel via private jet, they still have hesitations connected to financial commitments, liquidity, upfront costs, and operational or asset management details. Leasing a private jet may be the ideal philosophy for those who like the subscription-like approach to their jet access.

In many business or corporate settings, a private jet lease can be preferable to fractional ownership as it may be a more attractive option to PR and shareholder elements within public reports.

Leasing a private jet still affords many of the same benefits as ownership, especially with regular travel.


Aircraft ownership programs such as fractional jet ownership have shares that most jet hour providers repurchase at the end of a contract term. At that time, you will receive back a portion of your initial outlay. However, there are no guaranteed minimums, so any return is wholly tied to the market value of your aircraft at that time. However, with a jet lease, the market risk is shifted to the provider. This variable certainly is factored into the aircraft lease cost but also helps segment your financial uncertainty.

Jet leasing is a structure some find an ideal balance between fractional jet ownership and a jet rental. If you are starting to explore which private aviation solution may be best for you, ask yourself how comfortable you are with most large commitments.

Most jet leases begin at 25 hours and are fractioned out from there. For those who wish to go without the upfront costs of owning an asset, including the depreciation risks, leasing can be a cost-savvy move.

Other Private Jet Travel Access Options

If leasing a private jet is still too large of a commitment for your travel agenda, you may want to consider a premium jet charter or jet card as your best avenue for a trial experience.

Within an on-demand charter-based model, your travel needs are heavily influenced by the supply and demand dynamics of an ever-changing market, which often includes your aircraft and crew. You can charter a plane from the broader charter market for a specific trip at a cost that is based on market conditions at the time of booking. The on-demand model is often beneficial for corporately-sponsored trips and group travel.

Jet card or ‘membership’ debit-style programs are also inherently dependent on having multiple owners enrolled, which can create availability issues in addition to flying on used, older aircraft. It’s important to remember – most non-ownership levels of private jet travel do not offer access to premium fleet aircraft.

Learn more about how Flexjet is raising the bar within the charter space with program offerings like the Aviator Account Membership from FXAIR. They provide a premium on-demand charter experience with unmatched preferred access to a ultra-modern fleet of aircraft with a network of 2500+ jets available globally.

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