DECEMBER 28, 2023

When it comes to convenience in the modern age, connectivity is king. The ability to stay engaged and available throughout a flight can still be an inconsistent experience – even on a private jet in the year 2024.

Any private flight provider that does not recognize the limitations of legacy in-flight technology is not taking a private jet traveler’s connectivity needs seriously.

Not being able to access high-speed internet until an aircraft reaches a certain altitude –only to see it steadily degrade or become inconsistent as an aircraft begins its descent is not reflective of the premium experience private jets customers expect.

If cabin connectivity is a priority for you – identifying which private jet providers offer a future-centric approach to this key criterion should be a first step in your search and see why Flexjet is leading the charge on this revolutionary jet upgrade.

Starlink Cabin Interior


Nearly two years ago, Flexjet set a challenge; solve the issues around in-flight connectivity, not a band-aid but a true solution befitting of the commitment Flexjet Owners make to fly with us.

Today, Flexjet, in collaboration with SpaceX, has begun installation of the Starlink ultra-high-speed, low-latency connectivity solution on our flagship, the G650. Starlink operates more than 4,500 satellites in low-Earth orbit to provide internet access worldwide, including to the most remote and rural locations and to aviation and maritime users.

Starlink was explicitly chosen to address the shortcomings of legacy technology. The satellite constellation sits in low-Earth orbit, which minimizes the latency of the signal and the hardware features a phased array antenna with no moving parts that is far more reliable than legacy systems. With Starlink, private jet passengers experience a connectivity solution that is on par with their home or board room. 

Once this technology is installed on an aircraft, passengers can access the internet as soon as they board rather than waiting until they reach a certain altitude. Nor will they lose access as the aircraft descends from its cruising altitude, unlike other aviation internet providers today. This consistency will ensure that, for example, business video calls, and streaming movies are not disrupted in-flight or on the ground.


Certification for Starlink’s use on the Flexjet Gulfstream G650 fleet was attained in late August by our teams at Nextant Aerospace (the engineering and certification arm for Flexjet Global Maintenance) and crews have been working hard to install this feature.

Following the G650’s, we will progress to installation within our large-cabin Gulfstream G450 fleet and transition into our super-midsize (Challenger 350/3500 and Praetor 600) and midsize (Praetor 500) fleets. The long-term hope is to take the technology to our light jet Phenom 300 fleet and we are actively working with SpaceX to scale the hardware. 

“As the first global business jet operator to adopt Starlink, Flexjet is leading the way in bringing a truly reliable high-speed internet solution to its aircraft owners,” said Chad Gibbs, SpaceX’s Vice President of Starlink Business Operations. “Our focus from day one was to solve the shortcomings of existing in-flight technology and ensure that Flexjet could offer a seamless connectivity solution from ground to flight and back.” 

Flexjet is proud to have identified and adapted the most advanced technology to keep our aircraft Owners connected anywhere in the world. Reliable internet access is as indispensable to modern life as electric power, and providing seamless high-speed access is vital for a superior travel experience, regardless of your mission or purpose. 

Starlink Exterior

If you have considered your travel needs and are ready to learn more about what private aviation has to offer, our team of private aviation experts can offer expert insight into our exclusive private jets as well as explain benefits of our fractional ownership and jet card programs.