December 5, 2022

If you are planning an upcoming trip with your best canine friend or flying to a new home with the family cat, bird, or miniature horse, you would not be the first. Unlike commercial airlines, where your animal companions would likely travel in cargo holds, private aircraft providers, like Flexjet, allow pets to enjoy the same comforts and luxurious accommodations as you.

“We will entertain any request when it comes to pets,” says Kate Christensen, Flexjet Assistant Director of Owner Services. “Many of our owners are happy to share information about their pets, and we keep track of all pet needs and preferences. Flexjet pets are given profiles, which can be communicated directly by our Owner Services Team.”

Because Flexjet aircraft Owners view their pets as part of the family, Flexjet reflects that sentiment in personalized services, providing animal passengers dedicated hospitality. With over 30 years of experience flying animals on private jets, Flexjet has flown cats and dogs, birds of prey, reptiles and even lobsters aboard its international fleet. However, taking cats and dogs on private jets certainly appears to be the most popular.



Traveling on any flight with new sounds, smells and crowds to navigate can be distracting for a pet. For dogs flying on private jets, a pre-trip walk can calm them. Flexjet also recommends that pet passengers travel with favorite items from home. A familiar blanket, pet bed or toy will help put a pet at ease during their flight.

To give pets the best private travel possible in-flight, Flexjet offers full catering menus. When scheduling a trip aboard any Red Label™ by Flexjet aircraft, aircraft Owners can request their pet’s favorite food, toys, treats and other items.

“Our most common requests from owners are for special treats or toys,” says Kate Christensen. “Owners have requested beds and blankets to assure comfort for our special animal passengers. Our catering doesn’t stop at our menu, and our Owner Services Team can source requests for items locally to meet any travel needs.”

“We have transported our Owners to get a new pet or deliver a new pet,” said Christensen. “During special events like these, our Owner Services Team often prepares a gift basket, including treats, a new collar and even a Flexjet bandana for their big arrival.”


The FAA also mandates some basic guidelines for your pet’s safety and for the safety of everyone in the cabin:

  • Pets must be secured by a safety belt or animal carrier during taxi, takeoff, and landing.
  • Pets weighing over 150 pounds must remain on the floor, while pets under 150 pounds can travel on passenger seats.
  • Larger animals can be accommodated comfortably with a custom seating arrangement.
  • Pets must be kept clear of both standard and emergency exits at all times.


During taxi, takeoff and landing, pets can be secured using a harness or leash along with standard seat belts. Animal carriers can be secured as any other carry-on item, and smaller pets (similar in size or weight to a child under the age of two) can even be held in your lap. If your private jet pet is traveling solo, Flexjet can provide an FAA-approved pet safety harness for their flight.

Other limitations may apply depending on type of pet, the aircraft, or any specific requirements an animal may have. If you are traveling with multiple pets, it’s recommended you alert your Owner Services Team.

All pets should be cleared for travel by a valid certificate of health issued by a licensed veterinarian within thirty days of any flight. Pack vaccination documents with you, and if traveling internationally, make sure pets are in full compliance with the regulations of the destination country.

Older pets or animals with special health needs should travel with all needed medications. Younger pets must be at least eight weeks old and have received all required vaccinations.

At Flexjet, aircraft crews, operations and Owner Services Teams are dedicated to making your pet’s private travel experience as memorable as yours. If you would like to enquire about any of Flexjet’s aircraft programs or for more information about our Red Label™ experience, visit

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