APRIL 26, 2023

Imagine having your very own private jet membership. Where would you go? Whom would you see? What would you accomplish? Immediately, your mind is already pulled away from the very subject and purpose of the exercise – the private jet itself.

At Flexjet, we understand the basis for this oversight; it’s an exciting prospect and question to ponder. The possibilities are endless, and the ways private travel can optimize your life are undeniable. Start by assessing the right private jet provider for your needs. What do they offer? Who are they? What is their travel experience like?

These are significant decisions and commitments all the way around; however, you may also want to know, what exactly do you get with a private jet membership?

The answer to this question has everything to do with your chosen provider. Some private jet operators offer the flight service and very little else. In contrast, others prioritize providing plenty of travel incentives and comforts that keep you coming back – and flying out for more.

Discover what benefits you can expect in the air with a membership-style program from a high-end provider like Flexjet.


If total asset and schedule control is your priority, private jet ownership options may be worth considering. On the other hand, if lower commitment thresholds and flexibility are your priority, jet memberships may offer the solution you need.

Newer, premium aircraft are usually part of a greater jet fleet, owned and restricted to a particular program(s). Accessing the right aircraft for you may require program enrollment.

For those who may be weighing a possible membership-style program, such as a jet lease or even fractional jet ownership, it’s crucial to gauge your travel demands accurately.

A private jet membership is also a great way to test out fractional or whole aircraft ownership before making the total investment. Because lessors do not own the jet, they do not have to deal with the dynamics of reselling a plane if they decide to upgrade to a new model.

jet cabin

Most jet leases begin at 25 hours and are fractioned out from there. For those who wish to go without the upfront costs of owning an asset, including the depreciation risks, leasing can be a cost-savvy move.

Whether you want to call it jet membership, a private jet subscription, fractional ownership, or a monthly jet lease – at Flexjet, it all adds up to unparalleled access to an ultra-modern fleet of premium aircraft.


If your travel requirements are extensive, so will the time you spend on your aircraft; ensure you are comfortable and well-stocked. A jet lease or a ‘membership-style’ program from Flexjet offers all the comforts you would typically expect from a luxury provider.

Program enrollees will indulge in one of the most comfortable cabin experiences in aviation with advanced systems like complete fly-by-wire control, active turbulence and noise reduction, ultra-high-speed internet connectivity, and comforts like plush specialty private jet interiors or full galley for food service.

From ultra-modern, class-leading aircraft to finely choreographed details and sophisticated cabin amenities to in-flight catering options and consistent, exceptional service – all comforts and needs are exquisitely met or anticipated.

Secondly, we raise the bar on service that completes your private jet experience. Within our Red Label service offering, each specific Flexjet aircraft is assigned a dedicated flight crew for a highly personalized experience.

jet ariel
jet interior

Consistently delivering seamless service and premium aircraft make for an ideally comfortable and thoughtful travel experience. From the cabin’s crisp, clean, and inviting smell to the perfect temperature continuously maintained for optimal comfort, it’s all your call.

It’s the thoughtfully catered meal, the supple upholstery, and the high-tech amenities that not only fulfill all your immediate needs but foster the notion that all needs have been considered.

Flexjet additionally features exclusive fleet access, priority scheduling, and specialty services like aircraft management or complimentary airport transfers. Some fractional jet ownership providers like Flexjet may allow you to upgrade or downgrade your aircraft to other available fleet cabin classes.

It is important to note, however, jet card or ‘membership’ debit-style programs are also inherently dependent on having multiple owners enrolled, which can limit availability in addition to flying on used, mostly second-generation, but still premium aircraft. Most non-ownership levels of private jet travel do not offer access to premium fleet aircraft.

If you are ready to explore the best that luxury private jet travel has to offer, Flexjet’s private aviation experts can provide you with everything you need to make a truly informed decision. To discover more about our Red Label program, contact our team via our website or call us at 866-309-2214.