January 30, 2021

Private jet charters offer an affordable, as-needed solution with no upfront costs or hourly minimums. Charter service is available at most major airports and is popular among those with light travel needs.




  • No upfront financial commitment
  • No fixed costs – pay-as-you-fly pricing structure
  • No contracts or term minimums
  • No depreciation risk
  • Ideal for those with minimal or infrequent travel requirements
  • Booking usually available via website or app
  • Available within almost all major airports
  • Some operators offer ‘empty leg’ discounted flights when an aircraft is being repositioned for another flight
  • Can fill one-off niche needs (I.e. turbo props for short runway, etc.)



  • Potential black-out dates or times during peak travel periods can impact departure times
  • Peak travel may add fees in addition to the hourly rate
  • Little control over aircraft access and availability
  • Limited scheduling flexibility
  • Provider may pull aircraft and cancel a flight at any time
  • Provider can charge cancellation fees and repositioning fees
  • Service, safety, crew experience, and reliability will vary
  • Rates can vary widely from provider to provider
  • No guarantees on aircraft type or class
  • Catering typically not included
  • Not all providers own their aircraft or directly employ their pilots
  • Several different providers may be required to complete a trip


Does Flexjet Offer Private Jet Charters?


At Flexjet, we are what is called a “closed fleet”, so it is not available to the open charter market. You must have a fractional, lease or jet card commitment with us to access out fleet.


However, private jet travelers can access second generation Flexjet aircraft – which are no longer sold fractionally by Flexjet – through its sister company FXAIR.


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