AUGUST 28, 2023

Committing to one specific mode of private aviation is a significant decision in the life of a decerning traveler. With nuanced benefits, responsibilities and cost structures it can be difficult to get a feel for what private jet provider or access model may be best for you.

The market is ripe with travel providers who promise to deliver the world; but often, your expectations go unfulfilled. Our previous blog addresses how best to assess your future private aviation provider. However, once you have identified your likely provider of choice, how can you experience all they have to offer before you commit to a 3-5 year fractional ownership or lease commitment?

The answer is to trial the premium private jet experience via a jet card, or by way of premium on-demand charter. Learn how Flexjet welcomes your exploration and how you can ensure you get the most out of your private jet investment.

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As an enticing way to experience the Flexjet difference first-hand, Flexjet has recently welcomed jet card back into our book of dynamic private aviation access solutions. Our convenient jet card pricing model is meant for new entrants to the private aviation space – who may also be considering a more comprehensive solution like fractional ownership or a jet lease.

Offered on a one-time-only basis, per client – to first trial our distinct approach to private aviation. All future renewals for purchased jet cards will only be permitted one time per account year. Together with our expert aviation advisors, we are confident in identifying the ideal next step in your private aviation journey.

For those who fly 25 hours or less a year, jet cards offer a way of predicting your costs by offering flying hours at a fixed hourly rate. You commit to a given number of hours upfront which you can then access as required, drawing down the hours available on your card balance as you fly.

A private jet card program can provide flying hours on a specific owned fleet, or on a wider selection of aircraft from third-party operators from the charter market. A jet card will typically allow flying within an agreed geographical zone.

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For when flexibility that’s free of commitment is your top priority, it might be helpful to think of charter flights as a sort of private jet rental. In essence, you are renting an entire aircraft for a singular trip.

Many industries and businesses benefit from an on-demand charter model as a supplement to commercial or other modes of travel because of the flexibility and efficiency it provides. For example, real-estate developers and other acquisition-minded businesses take advantage of the charter model by being able to visit multiple locations in just one workday.

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Charter services through a premium on-demand jet broker, like FXAIR, are a terrific option for unscheduled, one-off or special destination purposes. Many charter companies work with dozens of private air operators to locate your ideal flight, with no long-term commitment required. Selecting the aircraft, specific travel dates, times and airports are all client-made decisions.

The biggest benefit of private charter might be the ability to curate your travel with whoever you want. Once onboard your chartered aircraft, you will have the choice between relaxing in a comfortable cabin or taking advantage of the privacy needed to conduct your business.

From a trial perspective – chartering is unique in that it lets you ‘test drive’ different aircraft types, cabin configurations and manufacturers so that when you do consider graduating to a greater level of program commitment, you can be assured of the real-life application of private jet travel to your agenda.

Keep in mind, Flexjet takes a holistically custom approach to helping you leverage the freedom of private jet travel. While we specialize in fractional ownership and leases, we are the only private jet travel provider with affiliated sister companies that also specialize in on-demand charter (FXAIR), jet cards (Sentient Jet and PrivateFly) as well as whole aircraft Ownership transactions (FXSolutions) and management (Corporate Wings and Sirio).

This 360-degree offering ensures the counsel you are receiving from Flexjet is a proof positive indication that we take a unique and consultative approach to fitting solutions that match your needs alone. Our aviation experts and sales team are your transparent resources for insights and collaborations.

If you are ready to explore the best efficiencies that luxury private travel has to offer, Flexjet’s private aviation experts can provide you with everything you need to make a truly informed decision, contact our team via our website or call us at 866-309-2214.