SEPTEMBER 30, 2023

Like the picturesque backdrop of the famed Pacific Coast Highway, California’s allure is its chief export. Its landscape and culture perfectly capture – yet beautifully reject the American standard in a uniquely comforting juxtaposition of life and leisure. But by leveraging its fame and stunning, built-in imagery to attract dreamers to the Golden State, it remains a dazzling beacon of relaxation and reinvention to all who visit.

Those who choose to travel privately often solidify their selection of a private jet provider, or remain loyal to one, based on the efficiencies, benefits and overall lifestyle improvements they offer. These value-added connections can be tailored to their individual interests and go beyond the conveniences provided by the aircraft service alone.

Here, we present an illustration of how a short trip to California, perhaps for a long weekend during the harvest season to its famed wine regions, is enhanced by one’s affiliation with a private flight provider like Flexjet. Whether it is just for a short weekend or a longer extended stay, Flexjet’s membership enhancements and partnerships provide the perfect point of entry to complement any California trip.


Our Van Nuys Flexjet-Exclusive Private Terminal makes travel to, from or within California as easy as a cool, coastal breeze. All our terminals represent a natural extension of a home or office – a place of calm on either end of your journey.

Even on the commercial side of things, being a Flexjet aircraft Owner offers protections for times of commercial use as well. Our partner PS boldly reimagines what it means to fly freely within the hassles of commercial flights– and given our passion for perfectly optimized travel – be it commercial or private, we fully endorse this respite away from the bustle and noise of LAX.

Explicitly designed for seasoned and discerning travelers, this reprieve from the complex choreography of logistics within these hubs is seamless, pain-free and enjoyable. Their team is dedicated to the spirit of luxury hospitality and always provides the perfect pause on either end of a journey.

Upon arriving at the PS remote terminal, the hassles of commercial travel fall away with complimentary access to delicious local dining and cocktails, with enough varied offerings to satisfy any craving or request.


Before setting sights on California’s coastal indulgences, it may be worth it to get 100+ health assessment to prioritize your wellness. Luckily, Flexjet is always developing innovative ways to provide aircraft Owners with useful opportunities for self-care. With so much recent attention to personal wellness, we have enhanced our relationship with Human Longevity to provide aircraft Owners with an exclusive, limited-time opportunity to get a precise baseline of your overall health.

Visit Human Longevity’s San Diego, California headquarters and experience a truly proactive approach to health care. After undergoing key exams, scans and tests – Flexjet aircraft Owners will fully understand how HLI helps their clients live a healthy and fulfilling 100 years plus through proactive care, advanced technologies and world-class providers.

At HLI, they talk about “wellness care” a proactive approach instead of what most people experience at a typical hospital or doctor’s office. The approach is to keep you healthy, so you don’t have to be treated for illnesses.

To help you better understand the breadth and depth of Human Longevity’s program and its commitment to helping you live a longer, healthier life, Flexjet even offers an extensive book HLI compiled focusing on the Science of Cancer Prevention.

We encourage you to leverage this partnership while in Southern California and book your complimentary assessment appointment today.


A pleasure cruise up the aforementioned Pacific Coast Highway will take you past the idyllic beachside communities of Santa Barbara and Morro Bay, then continuing North past San Francisco will find you in the heart of wine country. Harvest season is a terrific time to plan a trip, however, the region is stunning throughout much of the year.

In celebration of our relationship and shared passion for excellence, our exclusive wine partners offer our aircraft Owners the opportunity to experience old favorites in unprecedented new ways and sample ultra-rare vintages from California’s lush Napa Valley and beyond. Every trip up the sun-filled California coast is complete with a stop in this renowned vino environment.

Napa Valley Wine

Wines are a particular passion for many Flexjet aircraft Owners, thus our partnership with Porthos is a go-to concierge service we highly recommend. Offering exclusive access to Napa and Sonoma Valley fine wine tours including access to wineries not open to the public – many of which have limited wine allocations.

In addition, we select one vineyard each season, showcasing their wines at Flexjet private terminals and events. Complimentary tours and private tastings at the seasonal vineyard are also a benefit.

For more information about the partnerships online visit: or contact Flexjet Partnership and Event Concierge at [email protected].


If your passion for collections applies more to cars than it does fine wines, we encourage our aircraft Owners to incorporate Monterey Car Week into their summer plans – which takes place every mid-August in this beautiful region.

As venerable sponsors of the prestigious Monterey Car Week, Flexjet looks at this August weekend as an opportunity to share the stage with some of the all-time greats within the automotive world and as a way to savor Monterey’s backyard. Whether individuals are interested in getting up close with some of the world’s most historic vehicles or prefer to mingle amongst a dressed-to-impress crowd, it’s a beloved event across many ages.

This immersive weekend is split between two coveted aircraft Owner events and typically features a welcoming and beautifully designed hospitality patio, complete with shade, refreshments and plenty of good company.

In 2023, Flexjet’s presence at The Quail, a Motorsports Gathering and the 72nd Annual Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance was met with much applause. It even featured an exclusive showcase of the ultra-limited Bentley Bacalar. Its charming and impressive interior served as the point of inspiration for the newest LXi Cabin Collection™ featured in both the Sikorsky S-76 and Gulfstream G650 designs.

In 2024, the weeks’ festivities kick off August 12th and run through August 18th.


Overall, we hope this guide was a helpful illustration in how a brief jet set to the Golden State for a week or weekend can transform mundane travel into an extraordinary opportunity for enjoyment with the benefits of a Flexjet membership.

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