June 5, 2024

At Flexjet, we endorse discovery – whether immersing oneself in new places, perusing collections of intriguing products or even exploring new tastes and experiences. Our diverse roster of partnerships is waiting for you to unlock new experiences.

One such partner, Caviar Russe, is world-renowned for delivering some of the finest caviar available. Similar to private jet travel, the concept of caviar is filled with many varieties, nuances and opinions. Flexjet recently hosted an exclusive evening featuring a Masterclass at Caviar Russe’s famed New York Dining Room in the spirit of expanding one’s palette and refining your taste for this delicacy. 

The Dining Room – 538 Madison Ave. NYC

Since its inception, Caviar Russe New York has a reputation for an exceptional focus on the customer experience and high-quality caviar, positioning itself as the go-to destination for the ocean’s most luxurious culinary delight. Their discipline and dedication to the details punctuate the dining experience with excellence. This location offers two distinct dining experiences: The Bar & Lounge which provides an extensive raw bar selection, small bites and shared plates, while the Dining Room features award-winning Tasting Menus.

Guests enjoy all the best of Caviar Russe in a relaxed and refined setting featuring caviar, raw bar and fun bites alongside fine wines, champagnes and cocktails. Everything is painstakingly designed to showcase seasonal ingredients that enhance the caviar experience. In the Dining Room, guests can indulge in a survey of fine dining in addition to a three or six-course tasting menu with a la carte options featuring their exclusive caviar. The Caviar Russe tasting menus have been awarded a Michelin star consecutively since 2014.

Caviar Russe

Whether you are looking for Osetra, Sevruga, Sterlet, Pacific or Siberian Sturgeon, Caviar Russe has the finest available – as well as the blinis and crème fresh. And the Caviar Russe reputation also extends to their foie gras, truffles and smoked salmon, which are prepared in small smokehouses and seasoned with a complex dry rub spice mixture. Can’t make it to Midtown? You can even purchase online directly from them.

Caviar 101: The Masterclass Experience

Earlier this spring, Flexjet extended an exclusive guided gastronomic event to aircraft Owners that began with a brief history lesson that addressed a number of common questions when it comes to caviar. With a genesis in the Caspian and Black Sea regions, this prized delicacy has been revered for its exquisite taste, texture and rarity. The word “caviar” itself is derived from the Persian word “khag-avar,” which means “roe-generator.”

Traditionally, true caviar comes from sturgeon roe, although the term is often used more broadly to refer to the roe of other fish such as salmon, trout and whitefish. It is known largely for its distinct flavor profile, which can range from buttery and nutty to briny and oceanic, depending on the type of caviar and its origin.

Caviar Russe
Caviar Russe

“The most sought-after varieties of caviar come from the Beluga, Osetra and Sevruga sturgeon species, each offering its own unique characteristics and nuances. However, it is the delicate process of harvesting and processing caviar is the true art form. After each sturgeon is caught, the roe is carefully extracted and then lightly salted to enhance its natural flavors,” said Caviar Russe Executive Chef Edward Panchernikov.

“Some people are surprised to hear that I view caviar as more akin to grapes than I do fish or any other type of meat. It is such a product of its environment and the best flavors always come from a natural, care-intensive process. The result of which is the smooth tastes of olive-oil and even butter.”

When it comes to serving caviar, Caviar Russe observes a few time-honored traditions that enhance the experience like serving it chilled on a bed of ice to maintain its freshness and delicate texture. As a harken to its origins, caviar service is often accompanied by blinis – a type of Russian pancake – as well as crème fraîche, chopped onions and hard-boiled eggs – but as garnish only, advises Panchernikov.

“As an enhancer, certainly, enjoy as you please … but I think onions and capers and particularly common aromatics actually serve to cover up what is an already delectable flavor.”

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