APRIL 18, 2023

From the perfectly manicured greens to the rolling, pastoral setting of the course itself, The Masters Tournament has always been a Flexjet favorite. As famous for its setting as it is the champions who have walked its hallowed grounds.

Unlike the Super Bowl or even the Kentucky Derby, the course and destination is far and away the star of the week and took center stage this year from April 6th through the 9th.

Truly a tradition unlike any other, and in the eyes of many it symbolizes the deep connection so many have with the sport – a passion that incorporates both corporate entertaining, leisure travel and appeals to college friends, business executives, players, and patrons alike. Of course, it was Jon Rahm who came out on top, but it’s the patrons who came away as winners as they were able to witness his thrilling final round rally to take home the Green Jacket.

A pop-up Flexjet Exclusive Private Terminal at Augusta served as a serene gateway to and from the tournament, away from the hustle and bustle of Augusta Regional’s sole general-use FBO facility serving all flight providers and private jet owners.

2023 Masters

All told – Flexjet alone saw over 200 different Owner and positioning flights fly in and out of the region the week of this year’s Masters, a truly reflective metric of just how significant this weekend is for many avid golf and event enthusiasts.

Throughout the duration of this storied tournament week, discover what Flexjet had teed up for Owners and travelers that was anything but a ‘below par’ experience.


The key to being comfortable for any extended stay, is to mimic a ‘at home’ type of environment as closely as possible. For some this may include rearranging furniture, decorating the place with touches of home or even a familiar fragrance. It all helps.

The Augusta pop-up Flexjet Exclusive Private Terminal provided aircraft Owners with an exclusive welcome lounge in which to relax before and after their flights, as well as offering the premier levels of service that travelers have come to expect of our brand. With Augusta a three-hour drive from the nearest major commercial airline hub, private jets are an efficient way to travel to the tournament.

2023 Masters
2023 Masters

Flexjet always strives to provide a deeply authentic, personalized experience that not only reflects the occasion, but also highlights the location. Because travel and private jet arrival or departure schedules often differ or overlap – these FBO’s become a favorite hangout as groups intermingle and even share stories over a few cocktails.

Augusta, Georgia is famous for world-class hospitality and kinsmanship – all the more reason to break out vintages from Hamel Family Wines, a family-owned, organic winery in Sonoma and a Flexjet partner, along with other refreshments that were available to Owners on both their arrival and departure.

On the grounds of the Augusta Regional Airport where Flexjet set up the temporary pop-up private terminal space, Flexjet Owners were given a variety of Flexjet-customized gifts and keepsakes, including golf totes, golf balls, branded golf club sleeves and hats and sunglasses.


A significant amount of high-volume private jet traffic passes through this airport during The Masters, and all Flexjet Owners got immediate assistance – whether they needed to adjust their flight reservation or make last-minute ground transportation changes – from an on-site team of Flexjet employees from nearly every department – from gate agents, to owner services to operations.

Flexjet aircraft Owners have recently been employing our new luxury helicopter division for last-mile travel from airports to their final destinations and for regional travel to sports, entertainment and other venues. Additionally – Flexjet allows business executives and corporate clients to make the most out of coveted tournament passes offering the ability to fly down several different groups each day of the tournament.

Flexjet was able to customize an exclusive reserve building near the fixed base operator at Augusta Regional Airport (ICAO: KAGS) to replicate the Flexjet Exclusive Private Terminals. These travel hubs are positioned in strategic locations throughout the U.S. and provide an all-important point of entry to the destination experience. At all Flexjet FBO’s – aircraft are parked immediately outside this building, making even the ramp exclusive to Flexjet Owners.

While we are known to take our Flexjet-Exclusive Private Terminal model on the road from time to time, our network of permanent facilities just for Flexjet Owners continues to expand in prominent metropolitan business centers and leisure destinations.

2023 Masters

Flexjet offers private jet terminals at high-demand destinations including New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport (ICAO: KTEB); Westchester County Airport in White Plains, New York (ICAO: KHPN); Dallas Love Field in Dallas, Texas (ICAO: KDAL); and Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles, California (ICAO: KVNY). Enjoy these exciting locations, in addition to new facilities coming soon to Miami’s Opa-Locka Executive Airport (ICAO: KOPF), Montana’s Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (ICAO: KBZN) and Arizona’s Scottsdale Airport (ICAO: KSDL).

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