FEBRUARY 27, 2024

Big things come from small beginnings. Just like a tiny seed can grow into a towering tree, a new business idea, rooted in undeniable passion and expertise, can flourish into something extraordinary. Everyone knows the garage-based origins of corporate monoliths like Apple or Amazon but consider a company like Flexjet that saw its genesis come as an innovative sales tool.

Today, Flexjet’s ultra-modern fleet features the most exceptional aircraft in the super-midsize class, each with purpose-built performance pedigrees and enviable ‘large jet’ comfort and amenities. Discover the impact that this concept along with the Bombardier Challenger series’ popularity has had on Flexjet and the course of private aviation history as we know it.

From The Start

In 1995, Flexjet was born as a pathway to sell Bombardier products to a wider range of companies and individuals. Those not needing a whole aircraft solution could enter into a “Flexible Jet” model, based on the number of hours they needed and purchase shares starting at 1/16th (equal to 50 hours of flying). This model continues to be the foundation of our all-inclusive fractional ownership program today.

Throughout the initial decade of the 2000s, Bombardier’s Flexjet program experienced steady growth and maintained a stable position in the industry. The primary factor contributing to its attractiveness was its exclusive access to the Challenger series of aircraft, a platform whose high regard by aircraft Owners in the fractional marketplace became more pronounced with each passing year.


The Flexjet foundation under Bombardier was solid but held back by its being an offshoot of a manufacturer. If run as a focused fleet provider with innovative service delivery at its core, the sky was the limit.

In 2013, Flexjet’s current leadership and ownership group, Directional Aviation, purchased the company from Bombardier.  The decision was made to make Flexjet a truly premium offering in the fractional jet ownership space. The 2015 launch of Red Label by Flexjet encapsulates the lasting go-forward approach with its primary tenants of offering a fleet of the most ultramodern aircraft, artisan aircraft interiors within the LXi Cabin Collection and an innovative Dedicated Crewing model never before seen in a shared ownership environment.

While Flexjet’s fleet has expanded to include best-in-class aircraft from various manufacturers, the consistent element has been the enduring presence of Bombardier-built Challenger aircraft.

Flexjet and The Bombardier Challenger 350

Bombardier-built aircraft have been the backbone of the Flexjet fleet since its founding, and no other private jet travel provider in the world has been flying them as long as Flexjet.

The Challenger 300, predecessor to the Challenger 350, had been such a consistent and highly deployed member of the Flexjet fleet that Bombardier relied on Flexjet’s extensive operating data and user experience information to inform and design many of the advances on the 350.

Bombardier Aerospace Group

Coming to market in 2014, the Challenger 350 became the world’s most delivered super midsized business jet. It is beloved by Flexjet aircraft Owners, offering a unique combination of mission versatility, dependability, performance and cabin comfort.

The Challenger 350 can carry up to nine passengers in Flexjet’s LXi interior configuration, has a maximum operating altitude of 45,000 feet, a top cruising speed of 528 MPH and a transcontinental range of 3,200 nautical miles.

Challenger 350
Enter The Bombardier Challenger 3500

Today, Flexjet is proudly welcoming new aircraft deliveries of the Challenger 3500 to our global fleet, the latest evolution in the Challenger aircraft series.

Enhanced by one of the most technologically advanced cabins in the super-midsize class, it showcases a redesigned interior with exclusive touches including the patented Nuage seat, which offers a zero-gravity position previously only available on Bombardier’s large-cabin Global aircraft. It also has advanced technologies such as the first voice-controlled cabin, wireless chargers throughout and the only 24-inch, 4K displays in its class. Its extraordinarily quiet cabin allows passengers to converse at comfortable levels or relax in peace.

These premium elements, when paired with attributes that have garnered the Challenger a legion of happy private jet travelers, like its wide flat-floor stand-up cabin, transcontinental range and the ability to access the rear luggage area when in-flight, ensure the Challenger 3500 will carry the torch as a super-midsize standout.

How Can You Access a Super-Midsize Jet Like the Bombardier Challenger 350/3500?

Consistent access to the Challenger 350/3500 is best achieved through fractional Ownership or lease. Flexjet private jet Ownership features an exclusive fleet of aircraft not able to be accessed in a guaranteed manner on the open market – short-notice scheduling, and the ability to access our closed fleet of nearly 300 private jets in North America and Europe.

Challenger 350
jet flight

Flexjet also grants you the versatility to upgrade or downgrade your aircraft to other available fleet cabin classes. This aircraft flexibility and attractive interchange opportunities allow you the freedom to experience several different models and cabin classes while optimizing for your specific trip needs.

Want to learn more about our unmatched programs and services? Contact our team via our website to discover more about our exclusive fractional jet ownership, private jet lease, or a premium charter on-demand jet program.

Want to learn more about our unmatched programs and services? Contact our team via our website to discover more about our exclusive fractional jet ownership, private jet lease, or a premium charter on-demand jet program.