Flexjet Leads the Industry in COVID Safety Measures

November 1, 2020

At Flexjet we have always put safety at the top of our priority list for our Owners and our flight crews. And lately safety has grown to include the well-being of our Owners. Defining well-being has taken on an entirely new meaning in the age of COVID. And while others stood by, stunned by the gravity of the pandemic in March 2020, Flexjet took action.


We have taken a wide range of steps to protect our passengers and our flight and ground crews against COVID-19.


Arranging your travel

  • Our Owner Experience team based at our global headquarters in Cleveland works closely with our Operations team daily to identify any COVID-related restriction that would impact your travel domestically or internationally.


Before you fly

  • Each Flexjet crew member receives a mandatory health and temperature check pre-tour and a second one while on duty.
  • We started Project Lift on March 20, 2020 to ferry our crews to their flight assignments on our own aircraft rather than on commercial flights. This action has reduced their potential exposure to the coronavirus over the past 8 months – and, ultimately, that of our passengers. In addition, it ensured that our operations would not be affected by commercial flight reductions, ensuring users of Flexjet would always experience a seamless trip because their flight crews would always be on hand.
  • As of late October, we have transported 7,000 pilots to and from their flight assignments and have expanded the number hubs (where our pilots meet the aircraft that ferry them to their flight assignments) from seven to 11, with plans in place to add additional hubs as flight activity continues to increase.


Onboard your aircraft

  • In March 2020, we treated our entire North American-based fleet and ground facilities with MicroShield 360. Proven to reduce germs on surfaces by 99.9 percent while creating a barrier that minimizes cross-contamination, areas treated with MicroShield 360™ are rendered self-disinfecting for a full year, for active germ prevention that inhibits the spread of pathogens 24/7.
  • In addition, every Flexjet cockpit and cabin in both the U.S. and Europe is thoroughly cleaned, and all surfaces are carefully disinfected after each flight.
  • All aircraft now have as standard stock Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits consisting of disposable masks, gloves and mini hand sanitizers.


During your flight

  • We immediately updated how our crews engage with travelers outside of the aircraft upon greeting, and instead of a handshake before you board, your flight crew will offer the Flexjet Salute. Likewise, we have updated the handling of luggage outside and within the aircraft.
  • The crew will comply with passengers’ requests – whether they wish to interact with them or whether they wish the crew to stay in the cockpit during the flight. Crew now wear masks when interacting with passengers onboard and will limit crew-to-passenger contact and maintain proper distancing before, during and at the conclusion of every flight.


For more details on Flexjet’s efforts to keep you safe, see our COVID-19 Information Page.