FEBRUARY 20, 2023

This past January, Flexjet hosted its inaugural Chairman’s Club event at Cap Juluca in Anguilla. The event marked the first in a series of events that invited our aircraft Owners to explore specific destinations personally selected by our Chairman, Kenn Ricci. An ode to the grounding and perspective-shifting power that travel bestows in all our lives.

Our series of all-inclusive travel and resort experiences is an opportunity for Flexjet’s Red Label Owners to come together and enjoy each other’s company while experiencing everything our Chairman’s thoughtfully curated global locales offer.

At a time when the thirst for unique in-person gatherings is more profound than ever before, allow us a moment to share the sights, sounds, and smells of the first gathering of the Flexjet Chairman’s Club in Anguilla.



At Flexjet, we hold that we grow significantly as people when we journey outside our daily routines. Taking the time to stop, look around, and enjoy the company of friends new and old, or venturing to far regions rich with their unique cultures, traditions, architecture, and of course – cuisines.

These are our collective travel fantasies. This exclusive series’ aim is to bring these fantasies to life in the places we admire most.

When life’s agendas, schedules, and priorities begin to stack up, it can be challenging to carve out time to make our travel ambitions a reality. However, in the end, all most need is a compelling justification – and the Chairman’s Club Destination Series provides just that.

In continued appreciation for our Red Label Owners, the resort accommodations, exclusive excursions, events, and cuisine that make up a Chairman’s Club Destination Series are provided completely gratis. We simply ask that our guests fly to the selected destination using their Flexjet private jet membership – and we handle the rest.


Flexjet was thrilled to finally debut our Chairman’s Club Event Series at Cap Juluca, a Belmond Hotel in Anguilla on a weekend in late January. This first-of-its-kind invitation was enthusiastically received by our Aircraft Owners exemplifying similar joie de vivre.

The star attraction of the Eastern Caribbean, Anguilla, and its offshore islets present miles of accessible coves and 33 pristine sandy beaches. Anguilla, part of the British West Indies, differs from your typical tourist destination. As a close-kept gem of Caribbean travel, it was selected for this celebration series for its stark beauty and relaxed vibe, even by island standards.

A true escape, Anguilla is closed to cruise ships, casinos, and high-rise hotels – and their absence is noticeable. Making the crystal-clear waters, exquisite alfresco dining, and life-changing sunsets an exercise in sublime relaxation.

The island is also known for its incredible live entertainment scene, especially during its annual summer music festival. As Anguilla is small, with only 35 square miles of landmass, excursions aimed at cruising around the coast were fun and entertaining to gain context on this island of tranquility.


The weekend catered to 24 Guests –12 unique aircraft Owners and their plus ones – including Chairman Kenn Ricci and CEO Michael Silvestro, who made time to talk with Flexjet aircraft Owners about their families, unique interests, and an exciting upcoming year for Flexjet.

Adhering to a (not so) strict island itinerary of lively cocktail receptions, live music, dancing, surf-side dinners, a boat ride to a private island party, Asian-fusion ceviche cooking classes, and even a firework display that put an exclamation on the weekend; the sort of trip that leaves everyone all smiles with a renewed appreciation for the pursuits of leisure.

Becoming part of the Flexjet private jet ownership family means unveiling our passion for unexpected, authentic experiences. These exclusive benefits are designed specifically to enhance your Ownership with uniquely crafted moments both on and off your aircraft.

The next Chairman’s Club Event is scheduled to take place early summer of 2024 in Lake Como, Italy.

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