MAY 19, 2023

As a medium, television is typically reserved for stories of the day-to-day: sitcoms, daily news, and sports highlights – the ordinary. In our tech-friendly entertainment ecosystem, competition for views, mentions, and ratings is fierce – enough that society now places less value on cinema. Popular programming now emphasizes concepts that mine the organic drama out of everyday life: issues of money, family or relationship dynamics, and life and death.

Today, hit streaming services provide some of the most compelling and dynamic depictions available on television. Our preference for programming now typically anoints success based on the viewing experience created, and often, it’s where art truly mimics life – even if maybe a little too closely.

When Flexjet was approached last year to play an essential role in lending some credibility and viability to the fabric of HBO’s ‘Succession,’ the answer had to be a resounding ‘yes.’ Although the characters enjoy all the arc, their ultra-modern luxury private jet and luxury helicopter counterparts care to differ.

It may well have been the role Flexjet was born to play.

Learn more about the inspiration and insights that led to Flexjet’s much anticipated and ever-recognizable cameo within the fourth season of ‘Succession.’



Although building a show around the lifestyles of the wealthy and famed is nothing new to Hollywood, non-embellished, realistic depictions of this niche often can be. However, HBO’s impressive programming lineup pushes back against the notion that truth is always less interesting than fiction.

Many examples from the media portray private travel as showboating extravagance (Entourage, Billions, etc.). Succession’s portrayal centers around the efficiency and venue-changing freedom that a business jet or luxury helicopter can deploy in a client’s life. The featured Sikorsky S-76 super-midsized helicopter remains a sterling example of this innovation.

For example, the obligatory conference room powerbroker meeting is more than played out. The shuttled dealmaking between two private jets parked on a runway during episode six of season four of ‘Succession’ – one of them a Flexjet G650 – shows how private jets have become central to dealmaking at the highest levels of business.

HBO Succession Screenshot

Beyond their status as a symbol of luxury, private jets are a valuable tool for executives. CEOs shopping their companies, investment bankers cutting deals, private equity managers scouting investments, and venture capitalists on fundraising tours are using them for their speed, flexibility, convenience, efficiency, and ability to reach multiple destinations in a single day.

Most of the trips Flexjet makes on behalf of Owners are scheduled in advance. But having spontaneity, last-minute destination agendas, and the ability to exploit a generous call-out time is all part of the unmatched freedom and flexibility that accompany fractional or whole aircraft ownership.

By leveraging the capabilities of the Gulfstream G650, Praetor 600, and Sikorsky S-76, the Roys likely could accommodate nearly any travel directive. Breakfast in New York with dinner reservations in Paris would be a more than reasonable expectation.


Furthermore, in a world where confidentiality and discretion are paramount, private jets also offer the necessary level of privacy to conduct high-level negotiations in a secure environment.

As shown, private jets can be even more secure than traditional offices, hotels, or restaurants, offering unparalleled confidentiality for sensitive discussions.

Health emergencies also received a lot of attention this season – begging the question, just how prepared for these emergencies are most private aviation providers?

According to Flexjet operations, considerably.

HBO Succession Screenshot

“We are prepared for most healthcare emergencies, especially the statistically common occurrences. Most cabin servers are trained to respond to choking, cardiac issues, cuts or scrapes, and even more, but most can be addressed with a sophisticated and specially certified medical kit,” they explained.

Flexjet crew members also work to maintain current medical training as well as have the ability to patch in to our on-call mobile healthcare resource, MedAire, that can oversee and provide informational assistance, as well as coordinate care once on the ground.


By even the show’s standards, private jet interiors are a key differentiator when separating the premium experience from the pedestrian. In episode six of season four, the main characters trade playful barbs directed at the perceived superiority of one interior (Flexjet’s) over another.

To create these renowned and recognizable interior motifs, our interior design team works closely with each manufacturer to source premium leather, wood veneer, and textiles from across the globe. Each aircraft features a custom LXi Cabin Collection™ interior décor balancing exceptional comfort and functionality with striking, high-specification designs. Every unique design concept of ours uses the finest materials from across the globe, such as silk-accent wool carpets, textured metal accents, and delicate, hand-stitched leather details.

With our travelers in mind, that is the vision in which we designed The LXi Cabin Collection. We take pride in serving those who see possibilities where no one else can and for whom the journey is just as important as the destination.


However, some aspects of the show, like the real-time cancellation of the helicopter for the Roy children just as it lands, is simply a drama-stoking creative liberty.

“Let’s just say that’s likely something only Logan Roy could pull off … we typically require four hours cancelation notice for trips in general,” says Flexjet Chief Experience Officer, Megan Wolf, “Although, we take into consideration the dynamic nature of our owners’ travel. Being mission ready to meet their needs is a top priority.”


If the world of high-stakes business, mergers and acquisitions, complex family cohesion, and luxury private travel is of interest to you – then look no further than HBO’s ‘Succession.’ It’s a series that depicts the internal strife of the fictional Roy family while at the helm of the most prominent media and entertainment conglomerates in the world.

Its appeal is obvious; a voyeuristic look into personal or high-stakes business drama, the uncertainty of legacy – and most importantly, a rare glimpse into the lives of affluent people who genuinely value their time, their privacy, possess a deep appreciation for detail-oriented service, anticipatory accommodations, and the importance of precise scheduling.

Why Flexjet? Simply put – details tell a story. Suppose you are trying to sell the depiction of a certain level of success or convey the benefits of a particular lifestyle. In that case, it helps to access one of the finest and most extensive private fleets in the industry, especially with a book of ultra-successful and high-profile clientele – upholding standards and providing a consistent, exceptional level of detail-oriented service matters.

Those requisites perfectly suit Flexjet. With an unrivaled level of detailed luxury, an emphasis on end-to-end customer service, and innovative private aviation solutions that allow you to make more of your time, our premium approach to aviation is not for everyone. However, for those who require a loftier standard as the Roy’s, the best is available for business.


Flexjet provides fractional ownership and jet lease access to an ultra-modern premium aircraft fleet, including the Embraer Phenom 300Praetor 600Challenger 3500Gulfstream G450, and Gulfstream G650 — actual world-class aircraft operated by world-class pilots and team members. Our global fleet is wholly designed to support your entire travel agenda and deliver you to the destinations that matter most.

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