DECEMBER 13, 2023

When it comes to private aviation – you have most likely considered the aspects of the model that appeal most to you. Guaranteed access, convenient private terminals, short-callout times and even in-flight catering options are enticing elements of any private jet journey; however, the allure of these program perks is obvious. What you might not consider is the importance private jet maintenance and the scheduled upkeep of your jet play in your end experience.

Men and women of the Flexjet maintenance crew stand ready to help provide you with remarkable travel memories, by ensuring your trip is not only safe, but on-time and to your exacting standards.

Your experience in aviation is always built from the ground up by carefully and diligently maintaining an intricate matrix of aircraft systems and parts. Learn more about Flexjet’s dedicated in-house maintenance support teams, how they first prioritize the needs of our premium fleet and how they tirelessly keep more of our aircraft in the skies every day.


At Flexjet, we are proud to have the largest in-house maintenance capabilities in private aviation. That’s great but what does that mean for you? Simply put, it means we have the industry’s most complete infrastructure in place to deliver you the best aircraft and cabin experience in private jet travel.

With a maintenance and refurbishment workforce that now exceeds 1,100, includes nearly one million square feet of hangar and back shop space and the industry’s most expansive network of Aircraft on Ground (AOG) mobile response teams the last 12 months have seen a transformation of our Global Maintenance and Product Support infrastructure.


Industry-Leading Dispatch Availability

Flexjet seldom employs outsourced third-party service centers to maintain our aircraft, so we can be deliberate about our fleet care. We schedule our aircraft for upkeep when its needed and are never limited to having to plan around third-party availability. Regularly scheduled maintenance events can take an aircraft out of rotation for 90 days if taken to an outside service provider, however, at Flexjet these intervals can be shortened to 45 days via our dedicated in-house approach and infrastructure. This helps ensure the industry’s highest rates of dispatch availability while still safeguarding consistent service levels.

Rapid Turnaround Time for Unplanned Maintenance Events in the Field

Our extensive network of Flexjet AOG (Aircraft on Ground) mobile response teams dispatch from more than 25 points across the United States and also in Europe. Unplanned maintenance events can be quickly and properly remedied regardless of location, or the often limited on-field capabilities available at the many remote airports we are able to fly our aircraft Owners to directly.

The Best Cabin Experience in Private Aviation

With an internal capacity of more than one million annual maintenance and refurbishment hours, our team has the ability to programmatically refresh and enhance our aircraft interiors. Although the fleet is shared among Flexjet Owners, our standards for refurbishment reflect a rare personal pride of ownership. Recent additions of Flying Colours Corp. and Constant Aviation, two of the world’s leading aircraft interior completions centers, further bolster our ability to revamp interiors of Flexjet aircraft and continuously proliferate the best cabin experience in private aviation.

First-to-Market Innovation

Our in-house engineering capabilities allow us to bring new solutions and technologies to market sooner than the competition. For example, we are the first private aviation provider to introduce Starlink, the world’s most advanced in-flight connectivity solution, via a partnership led by Flexjet’s in-house engineering and certification division and SpaceX.


At Flexjet, pilots, aircraft crews, operations and aircraft maintenance teams are dedicated to making your travel as seamless and on-schedule as possible. If you would like to enquire about any of Flexjet’s aircraft programs or for more information about our Red Label™ experiences, visit www.flexjet.com.

Want to learn more about Flexjet’s unmatched services and industry-leading differentiators? Contact our team via our website or call us at (866) 309-2214 to discover more about our exclusive fractional jet ownership, private jet lease, or a premium charter on-demand jet program.