JUNE 23, 2023

Amongst the rolling, picturesque hills of Upstate New York lies a different kind of breathtaking landscape: perfectly banked turns, intermittent tire screeches, and, most importantly, a place where the need for speed reigns supreme.

Earlier this June, Flexjet invited an exclusive crowd of private jet Owners and prospects to the New York countryside for an exceedingly rare, redlining showcase that had some of the best of the automotive world on demonstration and featured a sizable aviation cameo.

In what proved to be a banner-taking day, not only was the greenlight given to guests to test their mettle in grand-prix style driving challenges, but Flexjet put on voyeur The Bacalar Project, an exclusive Flexjet and Bentley Motors crossover concept that features a show-stopping style that rules the air and the race-grade asphalt, respectively.



Aptly described as the World’s Premier Automotive Playground, Monticello Motor Club (MMC) is a racing ‘country club’ that checks every box a passionate driver could want, including a world-class driving range, all without leaving the Northeast. This unique atmosphere is more than just a race track for car aficionados; it is a self-described luxury destination with a robust offering of automotive-interactive services.


Its sprawling, perfectly contoured course features 20 unique turns, 1.5 miles of seat-pinning straightaways, and 450 feet of elevation changes – its 4.1 miles of asphalt road poses plenty of challenges for novice drivers and seasoned pros. With racecars for rental, an extensive luxury vehicle showroom, premium vehicle storage, an age-inclusive go-karting track, multiple rallies, and off-road courses, and even state-of-the-art classrooms and simulators for education purposes, the club does not lack in pastimes.

Located on a repurposed airport, its unique characteristics as a property and its vantage within the rolling Catskill mountains make it a superb, if not surreal RPM-based, getaway. Many members drive up from the New York City area and surrounding. However, its onsite helipad and proximity to Sullivan County Airport make it accessible by private jets or helicopters.


The day was filled with plenty of armrest-clutching fun, including – brief lessons in drifting on the skid pad, grand-prix style course mastery, hot laps on the rolling circuit, and even drag racing challenges that included some brave braking techniques. All these activities were 100% supervised by racing experts and likewise were assessed for proficiency – with a place on the winners’ podium up for grabs.

However, as action-packed as the day was, few experiences could match the extraordinary energy brought about by a sneak peek of an automotive-inspired concept, that immediately attracted excited onlookers from the very active racetrack.

Adjacent to where skid-pad activities were set to take place, a modest formation of two incredible vehicles made their presence felt by all those in attendance. The brooding clouds proved to be an idyllic metaphor for an event on the horizon.

The day marked the first occasion in which Flexjet Chairman Kenn Ricci’s own Bentley Bacalar – one of a limited edition of only 12 – was on full static display supporting the genre-defying vision of The Bacalar Project.



It all started with that driveway-based affection that runs so deep in America. Kenn Ricci, a proud Bentley owner of several years – sought to merge his fondness for the pristine, coachbuilt nature of the ultra-limited Bacalar with his timeless appreciation for style, sophistication, and all things aviation.

The result has been nothing short of the most alluring automotive crossover in aviation history. In a unique collaboration with Mulliner’s in-house design artisans – the task was to incorporate details from his two-door Bentley Bacalar a Flexjet Gulfstream G650 and Sikorsky S-76 helicopter.

The Bacalar Project celebrates appreciation for detail and features Bentley-inspired accents showcased on both the interior and exterior of these legendary aircraft.

Bacalar Project
Bacalar Project

On the outside, the crossover concept takes the typical look of private aviation and gives it the souped-up curb appeal lacking across most aircraft liveries. Drawing on the Bacalar’s unique ‘Julep’ paint finish, this unique color inspired an unheard-of change to the Flexjet livery chameleon paint, now featuring shimmering greenish, silver elements.

Inside, the copperhead shape and basket weave stitching on the Bentley’s Linen and Beluga leather-trimmed seats inspired both sets of custom interiors for the Gulfstream G650 and the Sikorsky S-76. A car, a jet, and a helicopter – are all designed to achieve conveyance differently; however, all are bound by an array of common stylistic threads.

For just a dash of fun – the 5,000-year-old reclaimed riverwood that forms the handcrafted veneer of the Bacalar inspired the matching wood veneer species used in both aircraft. Satin Bacalar Bronze fittings adorn the cabins, as well as unique diamond-carved interior carpets.

At Monticello Motor Club, Flexjet decided to make the improbable happen. Like spotting a pair of mountain lions in the wild. The side-by-side display of the Sikorsky S-76 and the rare two-door open-air motorcar that inspired its unique design has never been viewed by the public. Until now.


Flexjet’s talented and dedicated helicopter crews helped expertly choreograph the special appearance by Flexjet Sikorsky S-76, and the flawless landing at the MMC was all it took to complete this rare meeting – as was witnessed with much acclaim. An impressive pairing of both style and speed, it was one photo op that will be difficult to replicate.

The afternoon and the event concluded with a jovial winner’s circle announcement, where awards for all participant events were given to the day’s best drivers.

Flexjet then hosted a picturesque cocktail hour on the MMC rooftop, while onlookers had front-row seats to an impressively precise helicopter ride and demonstration around the motor club campus.

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