JULY 21, 2023

When it comes to premium private travel, the freedom of flexibility might be the single aspect that matters the most. No matter how high-tech the amenities, or how comfortable the interiors – if your provider does not offer the convenience and aircraft versatility you need, it might as well be commercial.

Today, more and more travelers are seeking an alternative to inefficient forms of transportation – opting instead for more accessible, safer, and less stressful options from beginning to end. In addition, this enhanced segment of the Flexjet experience allows those who travel with us to be even more productive with their time. Luxury helicopter travel is the way to accomplish a week’s worth of site visits or location-based obligations in one-day.

With an unrivaled level of detailed luxury, an emphasis on end-to-end customer service, and innovative private aviation solutions, our approach is optimized to help you make more out of your valuable time. Discover what enticing enhancements we have made to Flexjet’s already flexible offerings.


Flexjet aircraft Ownership already grants you the ability to upgrade or downgrade your aircraft to other available fleet cabin classes. This type of aircraft flexibility and attractive interchange opportunities allow you the freedom to experience several different models and cabin classes while optimizing for your specific trip needs. As the result of decades of investment in our fleet, facilities, and service support, we can deliver world-class versatility that suits your journey perfectly.

Now as an exciting extension of Flexjet’s patented flexible private travel access – all fixed-wing Flexjet Owners in the U.S. and Europe can seamlessly interchange hours allocated to their jet aircraft for use on our owned and operated fleet of Sikorsky S-76 super-midsize helicopters.

Gulfstream G650
Sikorsky S-76

These luxury helicopters can provide easy, comfortable access to additional regional locations, such as entertainment and sports venues, golf courses, fishing and hunting clubs, ski resorts and spas. Arrive in total comfort, while creating more time for yourself. Redefine how you see your next tedious or traffic-heavy commute as an opportunity for greater efficiency.

A Flexjet helicopter is perfect for that crucial New York or London airport transfer when traffic is congested, a last-minute regional hop (e.g., Manhattan to the Hamptons or Miami to the Bahamas) or if you are hosting guests in a location where this impressive transport solution might be just the right fit.

Sikorsky S-76 Interior
Sikorsky S-76 Interior (EU)
Sikorsky S-76 Interior (US)

With an unrivaled level of detailed luxury, an emphasis on end-to-end customer service, and innovative private aviation solutions like these, our approach is optimized to help you make more out of your valuable time.


Flexjet Sikorsky S-76 super-midsize helicopters operate in the Northeastern United States, Southern Florida and London, United Kingdom.

In the New York City metropolitan area, our fleet is based in Bridgeport, CT for quick and convenient access to surrounding airports, the Hamptons, and other nearby regions within range that don’t limit you to an airport. In Florida, our helicopter fleet is based out of Miami serving all regions of Southern Florida, the Keys and select Caribbean islands. Our London, U.K. fleet is based in Southeast England serving Greater London, all of the U.K. and portions of Ireland and France.

Sikorsky S-76
Sikorsky S-76


Exclusive to Flexjet, Red Label further augments our fractional and lease Owners’ experiences, with a level of consistency that far surpasses other providers. Our helicopters come with the same personalized, concierge-level service as our jets, enhancing every flight with dedicated support and expert travel assistance.

Exceptional service is at the core of our collective DNA. We maintain an unwavering commitment to service in everything that we do, taking care of every detail before, during, and after each flight. We even get to know your preferences to anticipate any personal travel needs. Our dedicated Owner Services Account Managers are true private aviation experts. Each works with our experienced Operations Control Center to provide oversight, coordination, and planning. No matter the request, Flexjet Owner Services will make your travel experience flawless.


Our fleet of super-midsize helicopters mirror our all-encompassing approach to safety and the refined Red Label cabin experience you have come to expect aboard a Flexjet fixed-wing aircraft.

Furthermore, Flexjet Private Helicopters feature dual-redundancy safety measures on all critical lift elements as well as two certified pilots per aircraft. Pilots and our expert Operations team utilize Baldwin Safety Management Systems (SMS), weather monitoring, preflight risk assessment programs, hazard-reporting systems, and customized landing surveys.


All a Flexjet fractional jet Owner has to do to interchange their jet time for use of a helicopter is contact Flexjet Owner Services using your preferred method. From there that single point of contact coordinates between our primary and helicopter operations teams to ensure your aircraft, be it your fixed-wing jet aircraft or a helicopter, is always positioned and waiting for you when you are ready to fly.

Contact our team via our website or call us at (866) 309-2214 to discover more about our exclusive fractional jet ownershipprivate jet lease, or a premium charter on-demand jet program.