February 24, 2021

If you’ll be flying more than 50 hours a year, a lease presents a wealth of attractive benefits that simply cannot be offered to a one-time charter customer.


And while your lease does require a minimum of 50 hours a year, remember that you can sell off up to 25% of your unused time to other Flexjet Owners, and conversely you can buy additional hours should you require more flight time.


Also, unlike other lease programs, you are not tied to one aircraft with Flexjet, but have access to a wide range of aircraft from the Embraer Phenom 300 for short hops to the truly global reach of the Gulfstream G650. So, no matter your travel plans, there is an aircraft available to you that can facilitate it – something other leases cannot offer.


Some of the beneficial components of leasing a private aircraft with Flexjet are:


  • Custom Flight Plans: A unique benefit of Flexjet’s private jet lease program is Versatility Plus™. This feature allows you to customize your annual flight hours to align with the actual number of flight hours you require each year. This option can provide significant savings by making up to 25% of your hours available to other Owners within the Versatility Plus pool. If you’re flying less than expected, reduce your costs by selling hours to other Flexjet owners. Conversely, if you’re flying more than you expected, you may also purchase hours from other Flexjet owners in the same or different cabin types.
  • International Options: Flexjet brings a whole new approach to private international travel, with our new World Access program. An industry first, World Access brings a dynamic pricing model to the international travel and jet lease space. As the length of your trip increases, the hourly rate decreases, providing an attractive economic solution for long-distance travel.
  • Security Deposit: A fully refundable deposit upfront based on aircraft and allocation of hours.
  • Monthly Lease Payment: A fixed-rate amount based on aircraft and annual flight hours allocation.
  • Monthly Management Fee: Covers the indirect costs of operating an aircraft, including pilot training, insurance, crew provisions, cabin support, and administrative costs.
  • Hourly Rate: Charged for each hour an aircraft is in-flight, plus 2/10 taxi time. This rate also includes direct costs associated with maintenance, standard catering, engine costs, and pilot fees.
  • Incremental Purchasing Power: Add 25-hour blocks of flight time to accommodate changes to your travel needs, or, purchase hours from fellow Owners through Flexibility Plus.
  • Aircraft Flexibility: Choose from seven unique aircraft to accommodate your range and passenger needs.
  • Flexible Contract Commitments: A minimum 30-month term up to a maximum term of 60 months.
  • Short Call Out Time: As a Flexjet leaseholder, book a flight with as little as 10 hours** advanced notice.
  • Fuel Component Adjustment: Added to the base hourly rate to account for fluctuations in the cost of fuel, which varies monthly.

*Certain federal and state taxes may apply.

**Certain terms and conditions apply.


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