JUNE 16, 2023

With the peak summer travel officially in full swing, there are now more reasons than ever to be excited about this year’s possibilities. Exploring Europe’s Old World is a chance to experience culture, community, and cuisine in its most charmed time of year – a favorite travel tradition for many.

According to some estimates, summer travel by Americans to Europe is forecasted to be up 55% between the U.S. Memorial Day and Labor Day Holidays.[i] This rise is paired with the traditional peak travel movements of Europeans on holiday.

Learn how Flexjet can facilitate your seamless summer travel and also translate trending activity into information that can help you anticipate the landscape as it unfolds before you. So, whether your travel needs dictate a direct crossing to classic stops such as Paris or London – or even super-efficient helicopter rides once you arrive, Flexjet’s European operations stand poised and ready to execute all your summer destination directives.


Once you touchdown in Europe, whether on a Flexjet aircraft or by a commercial carrier, our European-based, ultra-versatile Praetor 600 super-midsize jets are the perfect solution for your regional point-to-point travel throughout the continent.

Whether you are looking to experience a private flight to Europe for the first time or reassessing your domestic travel needs – Flexjet is renowned for delivering unmatched jet luxury and innovative, flexible, and personalized programs that transform travel into an intuitive experience that fit your needs perfectly.

Flexjet’s Enhanced Summer Interchange Opportunities
Flexjet’s Enhanced Summer Interchange Opportunities

Plus, When you fly on Flexjet’s shared ownership fleet, you benefit from the exceptional safety and service culture of one of the world’s leading private aviation groups. Having the freedom to fly spontaneously, conduct last-minute or location-sensitive business, or even split time between a few favorite destinations is a true travel luxury, as everyone would imagine.

In addition to exciting and enhanced fixed-wing hour interchangeability in Europe, Flexjet is now excited to announce that all Flexjet Owners in the U.S. and Europe can utilize their allocated hours on account for our fleet of agile Sikorsky S-76 super-midsize helicopters. The sky’s the limit with all these dynamic possibilities for efficient summer transit.

At an interchange rate of as little as .19 jet hours, a Flexjet helicopter is perfect for that crucial New York or London airport transfer or even when you need an expedited escape to some memorable weekend summer fun.


Peak summer travel experiences in Europe have seen more restrictions than typically experienced in North America. However, this is mainly due to the steep seasonal rise in demand. For example, Fridays and weekends are particularly busy. So if your schedule allows you to travel during slower mid-week periods, we will naturally suggest those options that may present better opportunities for unimpeded travel.

Overall, Flexjet encourages you to book travel to and within Europe with as much notice as possible so that we can aim to mitigate the factors that fall outside our control and maintain the highest possible service levels for you. If your summer travels take you to Europe, here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

  • Restricted Runway Slots – The competition can be challenging for airport landings at many popular seasonal locations and especially at smaller or island airports such as Naples, Ibiza or Mykonos. Many have restricted slot booking procedures, which can impact your preferred itinerary. Work with your aviation advisor to learn how you can reserve your slot.
  • Security Screenings – When flying in Europe, please also anticipate the security measures that impact aircraft flying across national borders. The policy requires that passengers and luggage on aircraft over 10 tons be screened when traveling between countries and applies to our super-midsize Praetor 600 upwards. These screenings may translate into extended wait times. Consult with your advisor to curb any adverse instances of this.
  • National Strikes Impacting Transportation – Rolling industrial action may also impact the management of vital airspace and ground support at some European airports, sometimes causing disruptions. Demonstrations are expected to recur during the summer travel season in countries including France, the UK, Germany, and Spain.

For more extensive information on our exclusive experiences and services, including our new private helicopter programs and these exciting program offerings, please consult your Owner Services representative at (866) 309-2214.

[i] Allianz Top Summer 2023 European Destinations, May 15, 2023