April 5, 2024

With its stunning backdrop of azaleas and carefully maintained fairways, The Masters Tournament provides an unforgettable opportunity to witness golf legends, appreciate the artistry of a historic game and indulge in the timeless elegance that characterizes this revered tournament.

Although booking travel into this pocket of the Georgia and South Carolina border can be complicated – mostly due to a remote location and overall size. Normally, this sleepy regional airport serves just two airlines with flights to just four different cities – with only two runways to accommodate its air traffic.

But for one week every April, the August Regional Airport (ICAO: KAGS) springs to life to play host to over 17x it’s normal amount of traffic. It’s a staggering amount of private jet activity, rivaling events like the Super Bowl and Formula 1 races.

2024 promises to be another bustling chapter of this illustrious tournament filled with top-tier golf and memorable winning moments. Whether you are a golf enthusiast or a casual viewer, see what it takes to ensure comfortable and seamless private jet travel amongst one of the busiest private aviation fly-in events of the year.

The Masters Augusta

Have you ever wondered how a small regional airport like Augusta manages to handle the massive influx of air traffic during The Masters week, while also catering to the needs of high-profile individuals and athletes?

Augusta National is well-known for its pristine appearance, namely its immaculate azaleas and dogwoods lined fairways – a curated golf haven where course-strewn pine needles are imported and even the ponds were once dyed blue to add to the course allure. Suffice to say, the stage is always set for this one weekend a year.

The week itself is an incredible spectacle involving valet-style parking for jets up and down the runways and hiring over 100 extra employees, in addition to bringing in over 500,000 gallons of fuel for this week alone.

The Masters Augusta
The Masters Augusta

During The Masters Tournament week, it is typical for Flexjet to experience waves of positioning flights flying in and out of the region –reflecting how significant this weekend is for avid golf and event enthusiasts from across the country. In 2024, expectations are that volume might be much the same. This year, Flexjet could see over 150 flights in and out of (KAGS).

Fortunately, Flexjet is providing an exceptional experience for its Owners and travelers with an Exclusive Private Terminal at Augusta Regional Airport. This activation ensures every touchpoint is nothing but exceptionally thoughtful.

This Flexjet Terminal Lounge offers an exclusive welcome lounge where our aircraft Owners and guests can relax before and after their flights and provides the Red-Label hospitality travelers have come to expect from the Flexjet brand. Just a 15-minute car ride away from Augusta National Golf Club, our terminal on location is also a great place to await any private car service.

Whether arriving or waiting on departure, catch up on all the tournament coverage within our exclusive lounge or grab a cocktail from the fully empowered bar area and unwind while you await your next move. Let our Flexjet-exclusive Private Terminal be your home base for the entirety of your visit to The Masters.  

A Flexjet team of employees from nearly every department are on-site to assist with any immediate needs, including gate agents, owner services, maintenance and operations. In addition to serving up access to hotspots like Augusta in April, Flexjet also provides its aircraft Owners with a network of permanent facilities throughout prominent metropolitan business centers and leisure destinations.


Flexjet will feature static displays and even demos of two of our global fleets’ most versatile flight options – the Praetor 600 and the Sikorsky S-76.

As one of the most sought-after business jets in the industry, the Praetor 600 possesses a rare union of class-leading performance, generous capacity and accessible versatility that keeps any domestic destination in your direct flight agenda.

While others continue to abide by the industry standard, the Praetor 600 from Embraer has raised the bar significantly in terms of midsize versatility with large jet amenities. Showcasing speed, range, and accommodations that captivate – it’s an absolute apex performer and an exceptionally popular aircraft for Flexjet within the US and EU theatres.

Additionally, Flexjet’s Sikorsky S-76 luxury helicopter service provides last-mile transport for Owners of Flexjet aircraft traveling from airports to their final destinations, enabling them to avoid lengthy local traffic delays. It can also provide easy, comfortable access to additional regional locations, such as entertainment and sports venues, golf courses and even one’s private property.

The Masters Augusta

When you choose Flexjet, expect the ultimate VIP treatment from start to finish. Plus, the company’s network of permanent facilities exclusively for Flexjet aircraft Owners continues to expand in prominent metropolitan business centers and leisure destinations.

If you are ready to explore the best facilities that luxury private travel has to offer, Flexjet’s private aviation experts can provide you with everything you need to make a truly informed decision. To discover more about our exclusive terminals, fractional jet ownership and innovative helicopter programs, visit