A Flexjet Insider’s Guide – Concours d’Elegance Pebble Beach

August 4, 2021

For the last two decades, Flexjet has offered its Owners exclusive access to the Concours d’Elegance automobile show and competition at the 18th hole of the Pebble Beach Golf Links. From the Flexjet patio on the 18th green, fractional jet Owners are offered an unsurpassed view of the judging of the world’s most valuable vintage automobiles.


Held every August, the Concours d’Elegance traditionally draws a very large assemblage of enthusiasts and collectors from around the world. The feeling of the event is similar to that of Art Basel, with individuals plotting their next move to add to their collection a vintage automobile that will feed their passion.  The event serves as a closing ceremony of sorts to the famed Monterey Car Week.


Megan Wolf, Flexjet’s Chief Operating Officer, offers some rather practical advice for getting the most out of this extraordinary event.


  1. Get an early start. The Concours d’Elegance becomes more popular every year, and it’s good to get an early start for the nearest parking, the best seating and the finest views.


  1. Wear the right shoes. For ladies, wedges are best, as you’ll be walking on grass most of the day. Stilettos will sink right into the soil, making for an awkward gait. Alternatively, keep a pair of elegant sandals in your bag for when you are on the grass.


  1. Up your hat game. The Concours is a runner-up to only the Kentucky Derby when it comes to ladies’ hats. There’s even a milliner who sells them at the event.


  1. Keep the sun fun. There is no shade, no escaping the sun out on the golf course. So a parasol, sunglasses and sunscreen are vital in shielding yourself from the sun’s rays.


  1. Period attire welcome. If you’re really going to embrace the roaring 20’s theme of the Concours, dress the part. Some people wear old-fashioned driving goggles, gloves and hats. Others don flapper dresses and cloche hats.


  1. Picnic baskets. There are plenty of places to spread out a gingham tablecloth and enjoy a picnic lunch. Take advantage of the local vintners and enjoy a flute of champagne as well.


  1. Binoculars – score a VIP view from anywhere. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a great view of the judging, bring along a pair of binoculars, or your most stylish opera glasses, to give you the best possible view.


  1. A sweater or wrap. Even though afternoons on the Monterey Peninsula can be downright sultry, it can be a bit chilly earlier in the day until the morning dew dries. A sweater for layering can be welcome.


  1. Backup charger for your cell phone. It’s almost impossible to avoid the urge to take photos of these beautifully restored vintage automobiles, so carry a mobile charger to keep your phone charged. You will be hard pressed to find charging stations at the event.


  1. Put your best foot forward, as the event draws well-connected car enthusiasts from all over the world – including celebrities. A look at the 2019 winner listing on the Concours d’Elegance website (pebblebeachconcours.net) may help those not regularly immersed in the world of vintage cars talk the talk and better appreciate what they’re seeing.


Flexjet’s access to the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on Sunday, August 15 serves as a grand finale to a weekend full of one-of-a-kind access curated for Flexjet Owners that also includes:


  • The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, another unique experience for automotive enthusiasts to enjoy matchless collections of rare automobiles in a garden-party setting. Flexjet’s tent on the lawn at The Quail Lodge and Golf Club will provide refreshing cocktails and other amenities on Friday, August 13.


  • The Bentley Signature Party, hosted by Bentley Motors on the evening of Saturday, August 14, is being offered in combination with test drives of Bentley automobiles on Saturday afternoon.


After a year devoid of such events, Flexjet Owners are in for a truly fulfilling weekend on the magnificent California coast.