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The Flexjet footprint in Europe and North America includes hundreds of the most modern private aircraft, strategically located private jet terminals, and private aviation’s most robust proprietary maintenance network to ensure aircraft safety and dispatch reliability. All are seamlessly choreographed from our Operations Centres in Europe, and our state-of-the-art Global Operations Control Center in Ohio.

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Operations Control Centre

Located in Cleveland, Ohio U.S.A., Farnborough U.K., and in Malta, the people working within these state-of-the-art facilities choreograph all facets of our flight operations and support. Our Global Headquarters in Cleveland houses private aviation’s most technologically advanced nerve centre – the Global Operations Control Center. As one of the world’s most technologically advanced centres for operations, its unique design features a 54-metre-wide LCD display that monitors every Flexjet flight around the world in real-time.>


Designed to be a natural extension of an aircraft Owner’s trip, bringing the service, comfort and privacy of a private aircraft to some of the most popular airport destinations around the world. Since our first FBO in White Plains, New York, our network of locations has dutifully expanded as our reach has grown. Dallas, Miami, Naples, Van Nuys and Teterboro are all home to our other current terminals with more coming soon to West Palm Beach, Scottsdale, Bozeman and other locations outside of the United States.


Our in-house maintenance infrastructure and capabilities are the largest and most complete of any private aircraft operator and serve as a hallmark operational advantage. Dedicated to Flexjet priorities alone, our approach ensures timely and consistent service to our exacting standards, aircraft safety and the best aircraft dispatch availability in private aviation.


Flexjet’s global headquarters are in Cleveland, Ohio, with several further office locations located worldwide, including London, New York City, Boston, and Dallas – all committed to the global support of Flexjet and our sister companies.