What makes the Praetor 600 so Unique? (Video)

July 22, 2021


As the exclusive programme provider offering the Embraer Praetor 600, we’re proud to present this exceptional aircraft via a new video, shot on location in Le Castellet, in Provence, France.


The Praetor 600, part of our Red Label by Flexjet offering, elevates the super-midsize category to new heights, raising the bar on range, speed, performance and cabin experience.


With a flight range of 7,441km, it can fly direct from London or Paris to the East Coast of the US or to Dubai – unique in its category.


The Praetor 600’s superior take-off and landing capability also means it can access shorter runways such as Le Castellet, with ease, opening up countless connections for leisure or for business.


As one of the newest and most-advanced aircraft in the market, its performance is unmatched, with fly-by-wire technology allowing for the smoothest possible flight, even in turbulent air;  and best-in-class, ultra high-speed Wi-Fi keeping you connected while in the sky.


High performance also means optimum fuel efficiency, and this is combined with our leading sustainability commitment, that includes a 300% carbon offset for every flight.


This industry-leading technology works in harmony with thoughtful interior design, with our Praetor 600 fleet presenting several distinct interior styles from our exclusive LXi Cabin Collection™, and dedicated service from your highly-trained Cabin Server.


Watch the video to experience the Praetor 600 for yourself. To learn more about the Praetor 600 and our European programmes, contact our team via our website or call us on +44 (0) 203 856 8151.