November 30, 2021

Connectivity has never been more important as we travel. The ability to stay in touch while airborne – whether that’s with the office, home or the world at large – is something that many business aviation passengers now value very highly. 

Wi-Fi services are available on some private jets in Europe – but not all – and service levels can vary considerably. Here’s what to look out for if you are comparing private jet providers, and the  onboard connectivity you can expect when you fly with Flexjet. 

What type of onboard Wi-Fi services are typically available on private jets? 

Usually the Wi-Fi or in-flight connectivity (IFC) services available on a private jet in Europe are a reflection of its size and range: The bigger than cabin, the more likely it will be to offer this amenity. 

Any type of private jet can be fitted with IFC services, but the cost is a big commercial consideration for some operators or private owners, so many still decide not to offer it, particularly for aircraft that are made available for commercial charter. 

In Europe it is generally still unusual for light and midsize cabin aircraft to have IFC. Heavy or long range jets are more likely to have a service of some kind, but be aware that this can come with speed and bandwidth limitations. So the experience is often different to the Wi-Fi you enjoy at home or in the office.  

For a private jet charter, it is also still commonplace to charge for Wi-Fi as an additional extra on top of the charter fee. Sometimes this will be charged by the megabyte, which can become costly when streaming content that is rich in images or videos. So it’s key to understand what type of service will be available, and how you will be charged. 

Never skip a beat with Flexjet 

Internet connectivity in business aviation is an area that is changing rapidly and, at the top of the market, advancements now provide a high-performance experience that matches the experience of Wi-Fi on the ground. 

Ka-band is the gold standard for high-speed satellite Wi-Fi on private jets. In technical terms, the ‘Ka’ stands for Kurtz-above, meaning it operates on higher frequencies of 26.5 to 40 GHz. In terms of user experience, it allows seamlessly streaming of full 1080P HD video; internet browsing; or video conferencing – and enough bandwidth for multiple devices. 

At Flexjet we work with leading IFC provider Viasat, to offer a fully-inclusive Ka-band Wi-Fi service on our super-midsize Praetor 600 fleet, at uncapped speeds that are typically greater than 20 Mbps. Viasat has the world’s highest capacity satellites and is an ultra-high capacity global network.  

While other providers also offer Ka-band Wi-Fi on long range jets, Flexjet is the only shared ownership operator in the world to offer this level of connectivity in the super-midsize category, on our Praetor 600s. We are also in the process of adding Ka-band Wi-Fi capability to our midsize Legacy 500 fleet.  

So with Flexjet you can remain productive, stay in touch and have a rich source of entertainment from take-off to touchdown. 

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