The Flight That’s Right: Comparing Fractional Ownership, Private Jet Charter & Jet Cards

February 20, 2023

You probably already know that private jet travel remains one of the most efficient, flexible and convenient ways to see the world. But perhaps you are still exploring which type of private aviation access is the best fit for you? Finding solutions that make your travel more seamless and more enjoyable is our passion. At Flexjet we have a deep understanding of how we can enhance our jet Owners’ quality of life, by way of exceptional service and travel experience.

Part of that service includes helping you to find a programme that suits your needs and preferences. There are a number of ways to access private jet travel – from private jet ownership to on-demand charter – and it’s important to identify which will work best for you. Your travel patterns and frequency, scheduling preferences and service expectations are all things to consider when weighing up fractional or shared ownership, private jet lease, jet card or charter options.

As Flexjet is part of a leading global group of private jet providers we have a uniquely holistic offering when it comes to private aviation. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to private travel. Let’s examine a few options available to prospective travellers.

What is Fractional or Shared Jet Ownership?

Simply put, Shared Ownership (also known as fractional ownership) is an experience close to whole aircraft ownership without the hassles of crewing, maintenance and unforeseen operational costs or downtime. It might be helpful to think of fractional jet ownership as something close to a jet timeshare.

This type of programme offers optimal flexibility and control over your travel plans. Owners enjoy an exceptional luxury experience, elevated service and guaranteed aircraft availability. Shared Ownership remains a preferred solution for experienced and frequent private jet users who fly over 50 hours a year and want to have their preferred jet at their disposal. By investing in an aircraft share, you can fly on your own terms, on the most technically-advanced and well-appointed aircraft from leading private jet manufacturers.

Outside of owning your own jet outright, Shared Ownership remains the most elevated experience in private aviation. As the level that offers the most consistency and guaranteed availability, fractional or Shared Ownership with Flexjet allows you access to our global fleet in addition to the exemplary safety and service of one of the world’s leading private aviation groups.

In addition to Shared Ownership, Flexjet in Europe offers an Access programme, which is a flexible alternative also designed for travellers who fly 50 or more hours per year, but who are looking to avoid a large capital deployment.

What is Private Jet Charter?

Conceptually, private jet charter flights might be best thought of as a private jet hire or rental. In essence, you are renting an entire aircraft for a specific trip. Many individuals or businesses choose to use on-demand charter as a supplement to commercial airline flights or other modes of travel, due to the scheduling flexibility and efficiency it provides. For example, property developers and other acquisition-focused businesses can take advantage of the ability to visit multiple site destinations in a day.

Private jet charter (also called on-demand charter) is a useful way of accessing private jet travel for those who fly less often and who are looking for minimal commitment. It is also a useful addition for those with a Shared Ownership or Jet Card programme, who need to fly outside of their provider’s service area or on a different aircraft type. With a one-off charter, it’s important to bear in mind that aircraft availability, pricing, call-out time and aircraft selection are variable and impacted by levels of demand in the market.

Private jet charter is best accessed via a private jet charter broker. This is an expert intermediary who can provide private jet quotes and access to a broad range of aircraft operators and aircraft types from the market – for a wide variety of international routes. Flexjet’s sister company in Europe PrivateFly provides premium private jet charter and private jet membership (which gives additional benefits and enhanced terms).


What is a Jet Card Programme?

The simplicity of a jet card programme structure is ideal for those who want a level of guarantee and consistency in their private flying of 25+ hours a year. It’s a popular option for those who are not ready to commit to a fractional or Shared Ownership solution and is a natural next step for those whose needs have grown to exceed that of the charter market.

At the foundation of a jet card programme is a fixed hourly rate, based on a prepayment of flying hours – sometimes referred to as block hours. This convenient debit-style structure gives you guaranteed access to a fleet of aircraft in the category of your choice, within an agreed service area. There is no capital investment, and you receive enhanced terms compared to on-demand charter.

A jet card’s price predictability and guaranteed availability make it an appealing option to many private jet travellers, particularly in a high demand market. Flexjet’s sister company PrivateFly is one of the leading jet card providers in Europe, offering competitive hourly rates on a selected range of aircraft types from the market, and in three size categories: Light Jet Plus; Super-Midsize and Heavy.

To learn more about our Shared Ownership with Flexjet or to discuss the options available in our wider group, contact our team using the form below, or call us on +44 (0) 203 856 8151.