Embraer Praetor 600 Combines Technology, Efficiency and Performance

November 16, 2020

The new Embraer Praetor 600 doesn’t just raise the bar for performance in the super-midsize class of private aircraft, it redefines what a super-midsize aircraft should be. From its intercontinental range and smooth fly-by-wire controls to its ergonomic seating and ultra-quiet environment, the Praetor 600 provides passengers with the comforts of a large cabin aircraft in a more agile package.


This agility is a key differentiator for the Praetor 600. While the aircraft is equipped with the same Honeywell HTF7500E engines as its predecessor, the Legacy 500, Embraer added a software update to the Praetor 600 that boosts thrust by nearly 500 pounds. The Praetor 600 also features a new winglet design that increases wingspan and improves airflow. When combined with advancements in the cockpit, these power and structural upgrades give the Praetor 600 exceptional short-field performance. That means it can go to places other super-midsize aircraft can’t go to, including some of the world’s most challenging airports in city centers and mountainous regions such as London City or La Mole in South of France. This ultimately puts passengers closer to their destinations and substantially reduces transit time.


No matter where they are flying, Praetor 600 passengers benefit from Embraer’s Active Turbulence Reduction, the first system of its kind ever fitted to a super-midsize aircraft. Active Turbulence Reduction is made possible because of the Praetor 600’s full fly-by-wire controls. It automatically senses and dampens the effects of turbulence, providing a smoother ride that is more conducive to relaxing or working.


The Active Turbulence Reduction system also helps make the Praetor 600 the most fuel-efficient aircraft in its class. The Praetor 600 is so efficient that it can fly nonstop from London to Muscat or New York to Geneva on one tank of fuel, something that cannot be done in other super-midsize aircraft like the Bombardier Challenger 350. This fuel efficiency also allows passengers to fly knowing they have chosen an industry leader in sustainability for their travel needs. In fact, Embraer designed the Praetor 600 using its DIPAS (Integrated Development of Environmentally Sustainable Products) methodology, which evaluates a product’s sustainability for its entire lifecycle. Under this programme, technologies that reduce fuel consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and noise are favoured for further development.


In the cabin, the Praetor 600 is equipped with class-exclusive Viasat Ka-band and Gogo AVANCE L5 high-speed Wi-Fi to keep passengers connected to the world below them. Also, class-exclusive in the Praetor 600 is Embraer’s touchscreen Upper Tech Panel that displays flight information and cabin management controls in an elegant, unobtrusive manner. Flexjet clients who fly on the new Praetor 600 can relax in a custom Red Label by Flexjet cabin knowing that an additional HEPA filter removes 99.97 percent of all particles in the air, including bacteria, viruses and fungi.


These exceptional features and capabilities make the Praetor 600 a truly unique, groundbreaking aircraft. It rises above everything else in the traditional super-midsize category, while also offering better short field performance than large cabin aircraft. That’s why Flexjet is proud to make this aircraft available as part of our European fleet.