July 21, 2023

In today’s world, business is more decentralised than ever before, and corporate flight departments and travel managers are taking a more personalised approach to executive travel. In this context, corporate jet ownership or business jet leasing have shifted into greater focus as a key element of the overall corporate travel strategy.

As many industries continue to recover from Covid-induced dynamics and challenges, businesses are now accepting and often embracing remote or hybrid working arrangements. This has highlighted the importance for leadership and teams to be more efficient and strategic with their travel time, including the need to fly to multiple destinations in just one day.

This is just one way in which our Shared Ownership or Access programmes can provide a valuable and efficient solution for corporates.

Efficient Business Executive Travel

A new context requires a new strategy. And strategies that address critical business needs, from technologies to policies to processes, are the successful ones. How companies adapt to this new reality of doing business is forming the basis for the next chapter and its best outcomes.

Leadership is now looking for longer-term, more efficient solutions to staffing, production, and even corporate travel. HR departments are increasingly filling growth-related positions with out-of-area executives as leaders to remote teams.

With commercial airlines only flying to less than 20% of the airports open to private aviation, the latter can result in reaching your destination more directly and with significantly reduced ground transfer times – a key consideration when you are flying to multiple destinations in a short timeframe. Additionally, corporate retreats have become an increasingly popular mode of business and strategic incubation, creating unique travel needs, sometimes to remote destinations.

Commercial air travel dynamics such as routing seasonality and inconsistencies, hit-or-miss business class experiences, and overall unpredictability has led to more companies valuing the private aviation model.


With business now conducted anywhere, some decision makers may prefer to supplement an extensive travel schedule with a logical private solution that includes corporate jet ownership or business jet leasing – and it’s not only CEOs and business executives who can benefit. Thanks to impressive, larger cabin aircraft such as the Gulfstream G650, which seats up to 12 passengers, travelling together as a team can avoid the need for booking multiple commercial itineraries.

If your travel needs are for shorter routes with fewer passengers, Flexjet can also tailor a plan focused around our super-midsize Praetor 600.

Top providers like Flexjet may also grant you the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your aircraft to other available fleet cabin classes, depending on your needs, or to access aircraft outside of the core market and service area – indeed Flexjet has an extensive range of aircraft based in North America, in addition to our European fleet. This flexibility allows you the freedom to optimise the solution for each specific trip.

Corporate Jet Ownership or Leasing: Is this right for my corporate travel agenda?

Corporate programmes in private aviation can range from whole aircraft ownership to a wide variety of flight solutions and arrangements. There are more ways to access private jet travel today than ever, and Flexjet in Europe offers a wide range of solutions from Shared Ownership and Access on our modern, high-performance fleet, through to market-based jet cards and premium charter via our sister company PrivateFly.

One of the chief metrics to consider when weighing up these options is the total annual hours of travel. Those who spend 400 to 800 hours in the air per year may want to consider buying their own aircraft. Whereas annual travel requirements of between 50 and 400 hours may benefit from Shared Ownership.

Corporate travel requirements of between 25 and 50 annual flight hours may be best suited for jet cards, which give an allotment of hours that cardholders can use as needed.

Key questions for corporates considering private aviation

    • How often do the passengers fly, and to what locations? How many hours do they travel per year?


    • Do they often travel to places with a limited commercial air service, at unusual times or on niche routes?


    • How essential is it to avoid delays? Flight delays are up substantially in the commercial airline sector.


    • Is there a need for the company to be more productive during travel time?


Private jet travellers can make use of a comprehensive galley for dining, stay connected during private flights through high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity – and recharge in numerous seating and sleeping configurations.

Your corporate aviation solution with Flexjet

Private aviation is not a one-size-fits-all solution. There are many nuances and considerations to ponder before electing your preferred programme or provider. Flexjet’s expert team will work to fully understand your needs and put together a customised solutions that work best for you and your business.

Our approach to private air travel offers a premium option that is largely unavailable in today’s aviation marketplace — one that meets the highest standards of safety, customer service, convenience, and performance.

To discover more about our European programmes and corporate solutions, contact our team using the form below or call us on +44 (0) 203 856 8151.