September 12, 2022

When you fly with Flexjet, you experience the extraordinary. Our ethos for excellence means our aviation operation is underpinned by a world-class team and smart technology, ensuring that every flight runs as seamlessly as possible. This includes our significant Operations facilities, which in Europe are based in two locations: Our Operational Centre in Malta and our Tactical Control Centre (TCC) at Farnborough Airport.

As one of Europe’s busiest and most impressive private aviation gateways, Farnborough Airport (EGLF) situated just southwest of London, is an ideal location for our UK Operations team – along with many of the other key departments that support Flexjet in Europe, from Owner Services to Technology and Finance.

Rooms with a view

Flexjet’s Tactical Control Centre and corporate offices opened at Farnborough in April 2022, situated on the perimeter of the airport site. Floor-to-ceiling windows offering impressive sweeping views of the apron and the runway beyond – an ideal position from which to oversee some of the Flexjet fleet in real life, as well as via the array of state-of-the-art technology inside the centre.

Modelled on our Operations Control Centre (OCC) in Cleveland, Ohio, the hub of our North American and global operation, the TCC is home to a highly trained team who manage and monitor every aspect of our fleet operation, with sub-departments each focused on a specific discipline, whether that’s tactical control of live operations; planning and scheduling; or crew dispatch.


Agility in action

The TCC team is responsible for a significant variety of activities, including international permits and airport slot requests; flight planning; rostering of aircraft and crew; weather monitoring; and liaising with Air Traffic Control – to name just a few. The Farnborough-based team work closely and seamlessly with our Operations teams in Malta and in Cleveland, to give a full and continuous global view of all Flexjet fleet movements.

Agility is key, with the dynamic Operations team adept at reacting in real-time to all issues and changes. This might be re-routing aircraft due to changing weather conditions, accommodating last-minute requests, or adjusting crew rosters alongside other scheduling updates.

Alongside the TCC in Farnborough are many of the other departments that work tirelessly to deliver Flexjet’s exceptional levels of service. This includes our Owner Services team, who manage the finer details of every flight booking, from capturing passenger details and ground transfer requirements, to catering and other onboard amenities. All with a truly outstanding eye for detail, at every stage – from the first moment of a trip request, to landing at the destination and beyond.


Experience the Flexjet difference

Enjoy the difference for yourself when you fly on the Flexjet fleet, which in Europe includes the Praetor 600 and Gulfstream G650.

For further information about Flexjet’s European programmes and the benefits available to our Owners, please contact our team using the form below or call us on +44 (0) 203 856 8151.