Flexjet Leads the Industry in COVID Safety Measures

November 1, 2020

At Flexjet we have always put safety at the top of our priority list for our Owners and our flight crews. And lately safety has grown to include the well-being of our Owners. Defining well-being has taken on an entirely new meaning in the age of COVID. And while others stood by, stunned by the gravity of the pandemic designation in March 2020, Flexjet took action.


We worked with industry experts and followed globally recognised organisations, including the WHO, to identify and implement important steps to minimise the risk of COVID exposure while continuing to serve our Owners in the EU at every stage of their journey.


Arranging your travel

  • Our expert Owner Experience team based in our Tactical Control Centre near London’s Luton airport are constantly monitoring the latest restrictions and entry requirements across the globe so our Owners can adjust their travel plans accordingly


Before you fly

  • Each Flexjet crew member receives a mandatory health and temperature check pre-tour and a second while on duty.


Onboard your aircraft

  • Each of the aircraft interiors are treated with Bacoban®, an antimicrobial solution approved for aerospace use.
  • Every Flexjet cockpit and cabin is thoroughly cleaned and all surfaces carefully disinfected after each flight.


During your flight

  • WHO-recommended guidelines for social distancing are followed both on the ground but also in the air.
  • Our state of the aircraft have the ability to move 100% fresh air throughout the cabin. Indeed, our Praetor 600 is equipped with a HEPA filtration to improve cabin air quality by capturing 99.97% of all particles, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi.


Leading healthcare support

  • Each aircraft is equipped with MedAire’s Universal Precaution Kit containing tools to help protect both passengers and crew from possible exposure.
  • Certified experts at MedAire share real-time updated facts that guide and empower our teams in minimizing exposure for Owners and crews.


For more details on Flexjet’s efforts to keep you safe, see our COVID-19 Information Page.