JUNE 30, 2023

General use Fixed Based Operator (FBO) facilities are where most trips by private jet begin and end. With more people electing to utilize private jet travel than in the past, these facilities can often feel hectic, chaotic and not in alignment with why people choose to fly privately to begin with. During peak travel periods they can take on a feel more akin to a commercial air travel experience than a private one.

This is where Flexjet Exclusive Private Terminals come into play, as we strive to refine your experience, from end to end, fundamentally.

Flexjet Exclusive Private Terminals are in popular business and leisure centers worldwide and open exclusively to Flexjet Owners. Each of our exclusive terminals offers various amenities, from fully stocked bar and café stations and high-speed Wi-Fi access to modern conference rooms and a dedicated concierge. Overall, a natural extension of your home or office, a place of calm on either end of your journey.

Discover the detailed difference a Flexjet-exclusive terminal can have on your journey—just another unrivaled benefit of our renowned Ownership model. Learn more about our Northeast-based facilities that stand ready to elevate your travel expectations and the crucial role they play in Flexjet’s unparalleled service offerings.


Discover a location that needs no introduction in the private flying community. Teterboro Airport is currently the most important and widely used private aviation airport in the United States for private aviation and the #1 business jet airport in the New York City area.

The geographical positioning of TEB is ideal for easy access around the country and even popular European destinations. It’s located only twelve miles from midtown Manhattan, with the best route of entry being through the renowned George Washington Bridge to the north or the Lincoln Tunnel, just a short distance to the south. However, your commute will be the last thing that will be on your mind as soon as you step through the doors.

You will likely notice an immediate sense of calm that purveys the facility, despite the surrounding area being a beehive of activity. Especially during peak summer travel days. However, unlike other provider FBOs or terminals, Flexjet takes a decidedly personalized approach to guest reception. A warm greeting, expert staff anticipating your arrival while choreographing your needs and your aircraft’s movement to suit your agenda perfectly. Even use any extra time to catch up and enjoy a bagel with your trusted pilot moments before you two hit the tarmac.


Owners and guests are encouraged to peruse the coffee or spirits bar and nourishing provisions counter – generously stocked with artisanal and standard faire favorites. Taking refreshments to the next level — the terminal is also now equipped with a gelato machine; that’s a cool way to begin or end any trip. Furthermore, if your productivity is vital, the Flexjet TEB exclusive terminal also features convenient and modern conference rooms, ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi, and complimentary 24/7 gated parking for overnight or extended terms.

But don’t forget about this facility’s role in empowering your urban mobility advantage. A journey is not just from one airport to another; it should go beyond that to assist passengers accessing off-airport destinations or even airports too small for jets.

By definition, a helicopter’s utility transports passengers faster, closer, and more directly to the final goal. Flexjet’s innovative helicopter service provides a complementary step that will save travelers time and add convenience – Teterboro is the perfect base to experience this breakthrough transit service.


What if your travel was as intuitive, stress-free, and convenient as walking in your front door? That’s the distinctive feel the HPN Flexjet Exclusive Private Terminal offers. Private, comfortable, and above all else, genuinely optimized to both the needs of Owners and the needs of the fleet.

Well positioned to the substantial concentration of Flexjet owners residing in the northern suburbs of New York City, HPN is positioned for ultimate convenience.

You will enter the HPN exclusive terminal through a gate, which opens into a secure parking lot. From there, you are free to choose how you access your aircraft in manners not typical of general use FBO facilities. Our team can meet you and your vehicle planeside, or you are welcome to meet other members of your travel party in the lounge – complete with tastefully appointed comforts and, of course, café and coffee bars — and then continue down the Gulfstream-inspired hallway and out to the ramp to begin your journey together.


At most locations, Flexjet employs a maintenance hangar large enough to house the Gulfstream G650 — the largest aircraft in our fleet. However, HPN offers our largest dedicated maintenance center outside of our Cleveland headquarters.

In the event of inclement weather, Owners or clients may prefer to board or disembark indoors, and those hangars make it possible to do so. On-site maintenance staff can also address any last-minute issue that may arise with the aircraft, preempting a delay in departure.


“More people than ever are electing to travel by private aircraft. Ensuring our private terminals are always a top-end experience is one of core focuses because it enables a personalized level of service for our Owners.” said Flexjet Chief Experience Officer Megan Wolf. “Flexjet’s exclusive terminals offer the kind of comfort and amenities that ease the transition from the jet to your final destination.”

As the year progresses, the Flexjet Exclusive Private Terminal experience will expand to airports in Miami, Florida (KOPF), Bozeman, Montana (KBZN) and Scottsdale, Arizona (KSDL). Today, the Flexjet Exclusive Private Terminal experience is available at high-demand locations including New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport (ICAO: KTEB); Westchester County Airport in White Plains, New York (ICAO: KHPN); Dallas Love Field in Dallas, Texas (ICAO: KDAL); and Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles, California (ICAO: KVNY).

If you are ready to explore the best facilities that luxury private travel has to offer, Flexjet’s private aviation experts can provide you with everything you need to make a truly informed decision. To discover more about our exclusive terminals, Ownership benefits and innovative helicopter programs, contact our team via our website or call us at 866-309-2214.